How Will Opera Avoid Being the Next Netscape in the New Browser Wars?



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I have used Opera off and on over the years.  The best feature is the mouse gesture.  it becomes reflexsive so quickly, and missed when using other browsers.  Its a shame it is not more popular;  I think the company soured many potential users early on when it was for sale and then had banner ads.  Though now it is free. 



Sunspider Javascript Benchmark

Firefox(3.1 beta w/tracemonkey enabled): 1653.2ms +/- 6.6%
Google Chrome: 2033.4ms +/- 1.8%
Opera: 5444.4ms +/- 1.3%
Internet Explorer: 72414.6ms +/- 1.5%

Acid 3 Test (Standards Compliancy)

Firefox: 89%
Opera:  overall 85% (test was not smooth and therefore a failure)
Google Chrome: 79% (Linktest Failed)
Internet Explorer : Test would not complete on default settings



I've used Opera for quite some time now. And i have to say - i love it, and i'm not thinking about switching. :]



Will use Opera over any other browser anyday, regardless of their market share, or what anyone else thinks is better.



Opera is fast and easy to use. Speed dial, rss feader and mail all work great. As he stated in the article it is one stop browsing. On my XP HTPC I use it as the primary browser as when I loaded it firefox was suffering from memory leaks.

My work desktop is Ubuntu where I use Evolution as my personal email and I have opera running my business mail so I get notified when a new email comes in when working at home. I carry my business email account on a usb thumb drive as I travel a lot and load it via wine in ubuntu but do not leave it in the home machine. I also run FireFox on this machine but it tends to have higher loads on the memory and cpu than opera. As X has multiple workplace screens I have two browsers open most of the time. Opera's market share in linux is at least 6%.

Opera is the default browser on the old Zaurus 5500 handheld. I used this as my primary pc on the Hurricane Katrina relief years back and opera works great on mobile devices including my smart phone.

I have used chrome on my XP laptop and opera seems almost as fast. I am looking foward to trying the new mozilla fennec mobile browser. But even opera mini works better than IE on mobile devices.

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