How Reliable is That SSD? Seagate and JEDEC Work to Establish Standards



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wait of course....


let them get thier standards up and going... in the mean time the drives will continue to be produced with larger capacities and faster this and more that and readily available everywhere...


my guess is by this time next year 500 GB SSD's will be as readily available as a SATA HDD would be and easily as cheap. I could be off on the size factor... Areal density is a limiting factor in HDD storage capacity, not to discount WD, Samsung, etc on thier great achievements, but there is no areal density issue with SSD's. Thier size cap is currently unforseen. I could easily see 500 GB SSD's on shelves by the end of the year or at the end of Q1 '09 at the lastest.

Expect to see id say, 5 TB SSD's LONG before you see 5TB HDD's. And i say 5 only to cover my bases, i really believe before you see a 3 TB HDD there will be 3-5TB SSD's.


like all technologies, the new is for the rich.... 

for the rest of us, theres cheaper and more capable versions on the horizon.


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