How Much is a Top App Really Worth?



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It's all because most of those apps are just novelty items. They have No real bearing in a business class perse'. I mean at .99 a pop (some alot more), that's not all that bad. But when you figure you have just a limited amount of space for your music, videos, pics, and apps, who's gonna buy 40 or 50 bucks worth of pretty much usless apps that take up space and only use once?



I have a feeling that when iPhone OS v3.0 comes out, it will allow developers to make all of their apps lite/free (basically demo mode) and then allow the user to upgrade/unlock content right from the app (without switching out of the app to go to a website or the App Store) should they feel it is worth the money. As I see it, right now there should always be a lite/free version...because there's basically no getting money back (at least not easily if at all) and if your app sucks and people paid for it without being allowed to test it first...those people will make sure you know it sucks...and then nobody else will buy it. I hope you didn't quit your day job.

I just recently (about two months ago) got my iPod Touch and up until a couple days ago, I had not bought one app...all of them were the freebie variety. Many of the ones that have stayed on my iPod since the beginning have actually been purchased and the added features work just as advertised and run beautifully. Some of these are games and some are useful apps. I rigorously test apps before I even consider spending the money...and if I can't test it out...but the reviews are all five-stars...then I might be swayed if the price is right. 

Developers just need to stop reinventing the wheel and adding one or two decent features and come up with truly innovative apps where the feature-sets blow away anything else. Let people try them out on a trial basis and they will upgrade if the apps are worth it. I think what gator says is true...most of the apps are useless novelty apps and the more novelty apps the novelty developers create...the more crowded the app store becomes...the harder it is for really good apps to pop up and get noticed. 

It makes sense that not everyone is raking in the dough...some might be...but most probably will never see a decent check in the mail, sadly.


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