How Much Tech Companies Spend on Advertising



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Not surprised at all that Google spent just 11 mil dollars. Google is the most used search engine in the world they do not need any advertising. On the other hand it is hard to compare Microsoft and Apple with the others. They have new stuff to promote every semester and so the money spent on advertising is understandable. I really think it would be easier if they've used a publisher network.



Apple spends that much on ads.  Hell I figured with the cultist followers in the media, they hardly ever had to advertise....I wonder if it takes into account the 360 dept at MS advertising as well?



AOL still exists?  Maybe they don't spend enough on advertising...



Didn't microsoft have a campaign where they actually bought people pc's if they found one they liked better than macs and then used that as commercials? Yeah that probably contributed a bit to the cost for advertising. Oh and last time I checked Windows 7 sold exceptionally well so all in all it was worth it for them at least. 


Live, Learn, and Shut the Fuck Up. 


Donkey Fingers

Dude, they all spend less than 1% of their revenue on advertizing!!!!??? That's a real shock to me.  As a small business owner I can spend 25% of my revenue on advertizing, easy.  More sometimes.  This isn't uncommon either.  So pretty much this means that they spend such a miniscule amount of their money on advertizing, it basically doesn't even matter.  Drop in the bucket, as it were.  Incredible.

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