How Google is Pushing Android for Developers



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Wow, typos, I don't usually say anything unless it effects the reading of the article... 

 Sounds about right when juxtaposing
Google and Apple


~~The difference between insanity and genius is merely succes~~



Google's method wins. "No questions asked". Google loves, but Jobs has a cruel rectum (that's where the products are produced, BTW). Steve is evil. No questions asked either.

My exploding trick: Any iPad/Phone/Mac haters get a lot of silly putty, then clog up the speakers on iPad and iPhone or vents (if they exist) on an iMac and wait for a few minutes... then BIG BOOM!!!! 


The Creator of that Trick


PS, I purposely failed my grammar up there. Catch the mistake(s), get appreciation. 



Paw Bear

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