How to Get the Palm Pre for Free (If You Act Fast)



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For an even lower price, click on the option to trade in your phone.  Now I live in Canada so this won't work.  Howver, I did pick my LG Dare 9700 from their list and it gave me another $81.00.  Of course there are some qualifications you have to meet.  But my Dare is still in great condition.



Being a former owner of a Palm Pre, I quickly ran back to my iPhone despite the crappy AT&T network.  I'd rather wait for a 2.0 device and some major updates to the OS to happen before purchasing another Palm device.


nsk chaos

does this actually work? im not gonna get scammed until it has been fully verified (not that i dont trust da mpc gods...)



Ya, that offer is pretty sketch. i would rather get it from somewhere I trust.

The phone is the cheap part. I wouldnt mind shelling out for the phone, but I cant afford the darn smartphone plans.



I'm willing to bet against anyone top dollar that they're never going to receive these rebate checks.

Cell phone contracts and rebate offers are the creation of a scam artist. A phone is a phone, I got mine 700 minutes and 1000 texts from virgin mobile for only $30 a month.



 Too bad I live in Canada... I qq deeply.



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