Hotmail Offers Disposable Email Accounts via Aliases Feature



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If legitimate users can alias their identities, what keeps the spammers from doing this? I agree with d3v, clean up your spam filters. 


Mighty BOB!

That's pretty cool.  I haven't used Hotmail for anything but MSN since 2005 but it's still cool.



Very cool. Give out the real address to family and friends and setup an alias to use for online account signups and other junk.



Oh please! Friends and family tend to be the source of many chain emails, subscriptions to spammy sites and other junk emails.

Maybe hotmail would be better of fixing their spam protection. There are far too many false positives with hotmail.



You don't like hotmails spam filters? Thats crazy. They used to suck worse than anything in the world.. but sometime last year they gave their filters a major overhaul and now I can actually manage the huge load of crap that comes across my inbox. For anyone who hasn't used hotmail in a while I suggest you give them a try.. they are actually a really good free email provider nowadays.

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