Honey, OCZ Shrunk the SSDs



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Talcum X

 You know most of the world is crying for bigger ones to put in their towers without adapting it somehow.  Make it the size of a typical 3.5" HD and pack it full of memory goodness, bringing it to capacity with current platter housing drives we all have now.  Of course, then we all have to have an OS that supports TRIM....or a 3rd party add on to XP would be nice as well.


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1.8in drive with 240gigs & 285/275 read write speeds? Now THAT I will pay a premium for! Lately I've been harping on SSD's and their pricing structure. It's always seemed like a waste of money for anything over the 60-80 gig range. This is mainly because if you need more space than that, why not just pony up for the PCIe drives and obliterate the SATA interface drives? Cost per gig with performance factored in, when you get above 200gigs, they're nearly the same price. But here, you've got a drive that's truely worthwhile (barring some outrageous price which is possible). Fitting this much storage with amazing speed into a tablet or nettop is awesome.

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