Homeless Doesn't Mean Offline



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Ya don't suppose these homeless people leech wifi from paying home users huh? Do they get hasseled by The Man when they do? What sorts of wifi rigs do you suppose they're using, waveguide antenna's, maybe a pringles project, or even a wokfi? I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for these guys.  Meanwhiles over at Unclyopedia the closest thing to Homeless geeks are nerds http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Homeless_nerds  its a fairly apt description if I may say so.



 i would take a laptop over drugs any day.

oc to 10ghz



WTF - FTW HOMELESS WIFI GEEKS! Shopping cart wifi antenna rigs how much range and dBi do those rigs get anyways? Here in Toronto I haven't seen any pluged in homeless folk on the street. Maybe they hide all their tech at their "residences" or in a locker at the bus station? I'm beginning to wonder if theres an underground homless warwalkin, warbiking around town with wifi on bicycles since obviously they don't drive. Some undoubtedly do live out of their cars, I've just never seen one with a wokfi or a dipole antenna. Over at Uncyclopedia they seem to have this whole hominid variety pretty much pegged amazingly enough.

<a href="http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Homeless_nerds">Uncyclopedia: Homeless Nerds</a>





this smells like one of those american things that we dont see here in canada.



So this does reflect personally. Its not easy. Going from the bottom, and back up, but I used the library most often, a cell phone connected to the internet, and my laptop whenever I could. You run a big risk of getting things stolen, thats for sure, but, get this, I was making $3000 a month, and I was homeless because I helped someone else from being homeless and it f'cked me over. Fancy that hey? Its all good now, but, next time your at your local library, and you think that dirty old guy is a loser, wait until you see some of the Runescape Characters he has.


I know a guy who got himself off the streets playing WoW and selling char's, and worked for the internet cafe to pay his bill. Pwned.



I would never consider a homeless person a loser, however, the next time I see a homeless person I will consider some key points from your post if asked for a handout.

"but, get this, I was making $3000 a month"
"got himself off the streets playing WoW and selling char's"
"worked for the internet cafe to pay his bill"



The next time you get pwned in WoW, or your face blown off playing crysis you'll have to ask yourself... "Did I just get my ass beat by a homeless guy?" hmmm....



i rather see someone whos homeless and surfing the web rather than see a homeless passed out because he's drunk, at least he is on the right state of mind and maybe can pull him self out of the gutter, rather than sleeping in his own urine. who knows maybe technolgy really can save a life, i say this because i live in a chicago suburb and everytime i drive down to chicago im bound to run into one or two hobos asking for change, though smelly, and most of the time drunk, they are still human, and to be human means you make mistakes some of us just make greater mistakes than others.



I don't believe one laptop can provide equal amount of warmth at night as one weekend newspaper.

On other thoughts, it depends...



Rule 34 my friends, that is what keeps the internet alive.



Some of those guys are pretty clever, one uses a Mac because of the lower power usage and disconnected the fan.  He cools it with a damp cloth, says he gets 16 hours battery life.  I'm getting pretty close to homeless myself, I should scout around a bit for wireless access and power.



I used to go into Best Buy and charge my phone ( with Windows Mobile ) at the kiosk where they sell them.



That's my kind of homeless! Leave it to a hobo to set you straight, we really don't need anything but the internet, everything else makes its way to it anyway!

Google image search, "homeless on laptop." There is a real good one there, I am not sure if the photo above is a legit hobo!


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