Holographic Storage Gets Delayed to Late 2009, Just One Step Closer to Vaporware



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Keith E. Whisman

look at that... LOL.... That reminds me of technology from back way back in the day. Like the old cassette tape drives. I had programs that would load from cassette tape from a device that looked just like a large old school cassette recorder that plugged into the back of the pc. I remember it plugged into the printer port I believe. It was a big connector. Long time ago. Also I had a very large external 5.25" floppy drive. Man as I said this reminds me of really old technology. And for $18,000bucks it might as well go the way of the do do bird. Nobody is going to pay $18,000dollars when people could just use cheap $100dollar TB hard drives in external cases.



Duke Nukem Forever will ship on an InPhase holographic disk, which will be what everyone uses in their homes, space stations, and flying cars.



Hey The Duke has a Trailer Demo now you know!



I just want dvd's to last for at least half my lifetime, the ones we have now.

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