Holiday Sales Spree Leads to Xbox 360 Shortage



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So much for PS3s' outselling Nintendo AND xBox 360 combined.

Sorry PS3 fanbois you just got PWNED in pronstar fashion. ROTMFFLMMFAO!!!



The Kinect update from Xbox Live on November 1, 2010 caused a large number of Xbox 360 to stop reading discs. Microsoft still hasn't addressed the issue. 

There is a very large topic on the issue at the official forums.  Do you think people who thought their Xbox 360 was broken contributed to the higher Xbox 360 sales?



That could be one explanation.

However, Returns are automatically factored into the days store totals. Loss prevention is a major issue and if these are not factored in then someone's head will roll once LP gets involved. I worked in Sales for 12 years. Businesses make a habit of knowing what goes out and what comes in and the numbers are derived from that.

So I don't buy into that thought.



Any news on whether or not Microsoft finally managed to hit its target of selling 5 million Kinect devices before the end of 2010?

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