This Holiday, Put an Ebook on your Wishlist--Everyone Else Will



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You guys at MPC keep lauding these things like it's 1982 and they're Cabbage Patch Kids.  I don't want one.  I don't know anyone who wants one.  I think you're all feeding off of your own hype.  That, or you own stock in the manufacturer.

When I'm on a long trip on a bus/train/plane/whatever, the book I'm reading doesn't suddenly disappear because the battery is dead.  I agree with mattman059.  Anyone who gives me one of these things better include the receipt, cuz I'm exchanging it for something useful.




Don't be such a Luddite.  I want one, but they aren't mature enough for me to get into yet.  As for the issue about the battery dying, if you have one with an eInk display, that shouldn't be much of an issue since the battery will last a LOOONG time on a charge. 

Its about time we start cutting down a few less trees for the book market, and eInk based displays will make that happen in the not too distant future.



Luddite?  Hardly.

You seem a bit confused, Tekzel, as you are apparently suggesting that ebook readers would be a more environmentally friendly alternative to books.  What you fail to take into account is:

1) Trees are a renewable resource.
2) Making paper isn't anywhere near as damaging to the environment as making the plastic and metal that would go into an ebook reader.
3) Paper biodegrades - plastic takes 10s of thousands of years to break down and releases all kinds of toxic chemicals in the process.

The problem (from an environmental perspective) with these devices is that people THINK they will "save the trees" and they MIGHT, if everyone who ever bought one kept it for 40 years and handed it down to their kids, but that won't happen.  Technology will continue to advance and people will buy new readers (some will buy new readers every year) and the old ones will end up in a landfill in China or India where homeless kids will pick through the piles of garbage for the few micro-ounces of platinum, gold, silver and copper used to make these things so that they can sell it.

The irony is that paper books are actually better for the environment.



I would like to know what the environmental impact of these is? Such as how much coal was burned to make these? How much toxic metals in these? How long before these fill the landfills? We can always grow more trees .



Who wants to read books??? ME G** DAMNIT! Im not giving into this ebook propaganda bullshit. I hate these fucking paperweights. They're a disgrace to all that is Literature and  books in general. I will not replace my existing "paper book" library. And i swear if i get one of these for will get returned.



Granted there is no other feeling than a good book in your hand, but i travel lite, the last thing i need is a stack of books to slow me down. I would rather have one of these when im on the go. I would just like to say that i see this device as a supplement to my library not a replacement.



I agree.  When I read a book I want to hold a damn book!  Feel the pages under my fingers!!  This way my files (books) won't go unsupported at some point in the future.  "Sorry sir, you'll have to buy the new version so it works with our hologram DV projecter reader key ringy thingy.  You just wave you hands around like a bird until the page turns.  Isn't that Great!!"  No!   I like my bookshealves full of JRR Tolken, Terry Brooks, Terry Goodkind, Robert Jorden, R.A. Salvatore, etc. 

 I am an embracer of new gadgets and tech, but somethings should not be changed.  Plant a tree today.

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