The Hits Just Keep on Coming, More Verizon Map Commercials



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I love how the Ifans are still crowing about their overpriced underpowered lackluster phones. And now they go as far as to defend anything even associated with them. Including AT$T's horrendous service, pricing, and coverage. I bought a 6700 4 years ago waiting for the Iphones pricing to come down. Going to an Iphone now would be a downgrade. Currently my internet is down and I am using my phone as my modem. Ive been able to do this for 4 years. I can send picture mail too. I will patiently wait for my HTC HD2 for a real upgrade. Ill buy an iphone for my kid when I have one



Has anyone even looked at the DROID in comparison to the iPhone? DROID yet another disappointment. The iPhone has dominated the Smartphone market since it's inception. (And yes, AT&T does have other smartphones.. Blackberry being one series of the smartphone.) And AT&T has been loving it. On the other hand, Verizon has had a lot of alternative smartphones since then. But nothing, even the Droid (OK, wow, it's got a larger screen) has compared to the iPhone. That has been eating Verizon up since day one. Android software has a little ways to go (not saying they won't get there) before it could equal the potential and power of the Mac OS software Apple has so ingeniusly scaled down for use in a cellular device.

Verizon is grasping at straws. I'll laugh in the face of anyone carrying a DROID phone around me. Two + years of technology development since the iPhone hit the market and the DROID is the best that the smartphone market can come up with? Seriously? Almost reminds me of the five + years Microsoft took to roll out Vista (crap) after XP. Sigh.



It almost sounds like you are worried that the DROID is a better phone than the iPhone.



The only thing DROID is better at is running an improved version of Android software. DROID vs iPhone? Not much threat from Motorola at this point lol. They've pretty much started the mobile phone industry and let the industry finish them. Here, I'll explain a little as to why iPhone works so well, as opposed to Windows Mobile, and Android:

Apple designed both the hardware and software for the iPhone. It's mated. There are no compatibility issues, no extra coding to "support" different hardware, no reduced efficiently by including that code that Android and Windows Mobile have to remain open to because of different vendor (Motorola, LG, Samsung, etc) hardware choices. Ultimately I believe Android will be nothing more than a better version of Windows Mobile. Though Apple and it's iPhone may limit certain things at the moment, like multi-tasking applications, will remain with the upper-hand because of their choice to control the hardware/software relations. Not to mention YEARS of Mac OS framework being thrown into it. DROID better than iPhone? No.



wow man, you really drank the cool aid didn't you? Do you have a framed picture of steve jobs by your bed? The iphone was not popular when it came out because of how powerful it was. When the iphone made its debute it was nothing but a touch screen media player mated to a very crappy phone. I will give you that many improvements have been made since its inception, exept for the crappy phone part, its still as bad as its always been. But there are plenty of smart phones out there that do everything that the iphone does and more. But apple relys on their mindless fan base and misleading over-hyped commercials to keep market share. Then they freak out any time someone comes with real facts about their phones or their choice of carriers. The truth is, ATTs service and coverage is absolute garbage, and no matter what you think, iphone does not have the controling world market share of smart phones. Blackberry and nokia both sell more phones.



Mating the OS to one hardware platform is going to hinder it in the long run. Look at MacOS. It's pretty much mated to the hardware that Apple releases (Even though that hardware is pretty much the same as you'd find in a Windows/Linux based PC) and the result is a paltry 5% market share. If they were to open it up I guarentee you more market share.

Just like the iPhone OS is limited to one handheld, only one group of people will get it (the rich and the stupid). The Android OS can be scaled to work on a variety of platforms. Anywhere from standard mobile phones (camera, txt, phone) to smartphones. Much larger market share right there. More marketshare, lower cost phones = more apps and.... more dosh for Google and the handheld manufacturers. Microsoft needs to work on a scaled down  version of Windows Mobile for smaller and less powerful cell phones so that they too, can penetrate the market more.

And like one other person before me said, you have to own a Mac to write apps for the iPhone. You can code Windows Mobile and Android apps on Windows (the dominate platform... I don't see many coders using MacOS) and I believe Linux as well!


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-




And for me, i like the fact that ANYONE can develop for ANDROID. I dont like not being able to develop iphone apps just because i dont run a mac. (and yes you have to have a mac to program Cocoa if you want GUI apps, Objective-C is not enough)



hmm.. not bad, for adverts.  I like the 2nd one :P

"Life is about living, not stressing" - a very smart girl :)



At first I was kinda PO'd because verizon was screwing with one of my favorite childhood memories (one that I actually still carry out every year!) but after watching it a few times I must say it grew on me.



Those commercials are hilarious!  Especially the misfit toys one.  I feel good knowing the extortionist prices they're charging me are going towards funny commercials.




They keep picking on the iphone, but what do you think is their strategy?  When Apple and At&t's deal runs out I thought Verizon was going to pick up the iphone.  Why put the thought of the iphone as a bad phone (even though it's the coverage they are picking on) in peoples heads?  They should use other phones too, and yes, I know it's because of "There's an app for that" thing.



They're picking on the iphone because it's synonymous with AT&T. Everyone knows that and that's their strategy.

What other phone would you suggest they make fun of?  AT&T has no other popular phone.



They're not making fun of the phone, just their limited 3G network. Verizon won't smash talk the iphone because they want to get their greedy little elf hands on it. :)




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