Hitachi Touts 10,000RPM Enterprise HDD as Fastest Ever



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come on guys, this is either a really highly paid adverbotter or a really bad troll because that shit is WAAY to long.



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And STILL havent banned him? Get serious already



A hard drive that uses 22% less power...

So, 22% less than 15 watts? 12.75 watts rather than 15 watts?

*Turns closet lightbulb off* oh look, i just saved way more power than this hard drive will save.

I wish HD makers would stop marketing "power savings" and focus on speed improvements - things that make a difference.



It's an enterprise hard drive.  Multiply the power savings by a couple hundred drives, then about triple it to account for less cooling needed, and the advertising suddenly makes much more sense.



Enterprise leads me to believe this hard drive is aimed at the server/database market, where the drives are running 24/7. Combinied with the amount of them you see in large scale server farms, and the power savings could be pretty noticeable. Also, increased efficiency may mean less heat, enabling the use of smaller cooling systems.


Plus it is faster than anything else anyway, so I'm not sure why you're complaining.



I would be willing to buy a few of these for my build next year if they still outperform SSDs. Ive always wanted to run some SCSIs in a personal rig. Will have to wait and see if their faster than SSDs by next year tho. I would buy a good SCSI raid card to go with them also.



probably not, but they should be faster than Velociraptors... and there size isnt tiny so it might not be a bad idea.

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