The "Tera Era" Begins Today: Hitachi Launches Three-Platter Terabyte Drive



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     If Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate, and WD can put 1TB onto 3 platters, why can't they put 1.6 onto a 5-platter drive, or more?  We have seen that Hitachi has no problem putting together a 5-platter drive and Seagate just released a 4-platter 1.5TB drive, so why not add that 4th or 5th platter and give us more?  I do understand the performance increase by having less platters and the ridiculous amount of data to potentially be lost beyond 1TB, but still it appears we have the ability to megasize our HDD another 67% just with the platter number so why not do it?  If Hitachi says 4-5TB by 2010 why not 1.6 now?  Or if Seagate has 1.5 on 4-platters why not 2 on 5-platters?  I have no problem only having 4 1TB drives in a RAID 5, but I just find the 1TB mark odd.



So where are all the terabyte-plus drives at?  Why is the industry seeming stopping at terabyte drives. I've been waiting for a LONG time to see some increases in space, that we at least see twice a year, for nothing. Don't get me wrong I love the increasing performance and such, however it worries me to see the stagnant growth in capacity when I always expected it to keep going up and up. What gives?

 plus, i know ssd drives are really the 'hot thing' right now, and that they still are no match capacity wise, however are they really that much of an improvement.  do tell maxpc, plz plz.

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