Hitachi to Harvest 5TB Hard Drive by 2010



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I guess this prediction didn't quite hit the mark...and Hitachi is being bought by WD...



It took me over 2.5 hours to format a 1TB drive. I would rather not spend close to half a day to format a drive. but if it's going to be fast and affordable who am I to stand in the way of progress. I never thought that I'd pay less than $200 for a 5TB drive. I remember when I spent close to $300 each on a 4X DVD burner and a 76GXP IBM drive. Ah, what fond memories. 



Unless you believe there are bad sectors on your hard drive, you can choose the Quick Format option rather than running a full blown scan and it will finish in a matter of seconds. And if you're paranoid, you can always set up a 'chkdsk' run while you sleep or when you know you'll be away from your PC for a length of time.

More info here.

-Paul Lilly



backing up +5tb of data, even with eSATA, would take hours.

If it becomes cheap, great for us consumers! i'd buy one.


maybe i could back up everything i learned in grades k-12 know, just in case



 The human brain only has a 10TB storage capacity? Thanks for that little fact MPC. I'll have you know I'm writing a Biochemistry exam tommorow you big jerks. 

 Seriously thinking about this though does anyone know how to defrag a brain, or compress and delete files? I'm only 21 but I think I'm already getting a bit backed up. Maybe I only have 5TB or something.

 And as for the question about diminishing returns: no I always need more hard drive space.  When I first got my PC over three years ago it had 300gigs of storage and everyone thought I was crazy.  Then two years ago I ran out of space and got a 320gig external drive.  Then one year ago that ran out of space and I got a 500gig external, which has about 200gigs of room left on it.

 So I use about 300gigs a year, but I am sort of a "home theatre buff".  Also this ammount is only going to increase during the shift into "high definition", which really doesnt improve on DVD's much if you ask me.

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