Hitachi Executives Plead Guilty to Disk Price Fixing, Will Serve Prison Time



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The bleeding heart corporatism fanboys will still say that the only corporations that price fix are the ones that get caught.  



For real? 25k? Thats it? They probably made 50 Mill + with the price fixing. Guess thats the power of the 1%. The would is shit. Can't wait for this crap to change! 



is it just me or does anyone else see that the "fine" they have to pay is relativly a joke compaired to what they are worth. charging a millionare with a $25,000 fine is a joke. 25k to them is pocket change for what they really are worth. im glad they got jail time but really we all know they are probably gonna spend maybe a month at tops in jail and the will be released "on good behaviour" or some dumb shit like that.



Excellent news!  I've been calling for prison terms for price-fixing execs for some time now - glad to see it finally happening.  Cast them down with the sodomites!




I was surprised to see jail time too. The cynical side of me sees why they got jail time: "The three men fix prices for optical disk drives sold to Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and Microsoft." If they conspired to fix prices for Joe Consumer do you think there would have been jail time?



Wait, big company execs, aka millionaires, are actually going to prison?  It's about time the courts actually did something right for a change.


Holly Golightly

Wow, actual prison time. Usually these cases end in one big fine, but prison time for something like this is news to me.

Gosh, optical disk drive... Something I have not used in a very, very long time. Not even my laptop has an optical disk drive. They have become the most useless part of a computer. I suppose I will use it again come time to install Windows 8 on my desktop. 



They should have gotten a bigger fine.  But yes, the physical media aspect on computers lately has gone downhill.  I give it 10-15 years at most before physical media is done for.  Everything will be downloaded and bought from online retailers.  

I'll probably buy a downloadable version of windows install it on a thumbdrive and go from there.  Physical media speeds are total crap.  



First of all, thumbdrives are as physical as it gets.

Secondly, you do know there are still millions and millions dialup users in USA alone, right? 10-15 years - not a chance.



My guess is they will probably offer Windows 8 on read-only flash drives, since tablets and ultrabooks don't have dvd drives either.

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