HIS Sticks a Passive Cooler on World's First 2GB Radeon HD 6570 Graphics Card



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Peanut Fox

The 6570 is GPU limited.  I wonder what the reason is for making it a 2GB card vs a 1GB or 512MB.  Heck.  Even the 1.5GB GTX 580s are GPU limited with the way todays games are made.  Doubling up the memory only severs to increse the lantancy, and in all but the most extreme cases will show a 1 to 2 FPS loss.  Even when the extra memory does start to help, at 15 FPS the game is unplayable anyway.

Unless you want a fanless system, this card just seems kind of odd sporting that much VRAM.  I think people just like big numbers, so they buy things without looking to see if there will be an actaul preformance benefit.


Brad Nimbus

I wish they would do the same with a card that could actually use it, I have every reason to believe that if my 6870 had 2GB I would be able to damn near max out GTA 4.



I'm not sure 2GB of memory would make much difference. From my understanding, clock speeds and bus width are the main factors in determining how fast a video card is. It makes me laugh when I see a Dell XPS online sporting 3GB OF VIDEO MEMORY!!!! It's still slower than my 1GB 6850.


Brad Nimbus

I always assumed vram is used for cache which for a game like GTA 4 with all the rendering is very important (then again I just woke up way too early and I'm prolly talking out my ass)

lol next year Dell will be advertising the first ever 5GB VRAM XPS  XD

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