Hip-Hip-Hooray! THQ Drops GFWL from Future Dawn of War and Warhammer 40k Titles



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I don't really understand why GFWL gets such a bad rap. Granted, the only game I play with it enabled is Dawn of War 2, where the interface is hidden away unless you hit the HOME key to bring it up. It's unobtrusive, usable, and acts very similar to XBOX Live, and matches up gamers with little or no problem. Considering what GFWL is matched up against, I don't think it's doing to bad. There are MUCH worse things out there, think about being stuck with Gamespy...



getting smarter THQ....betta u do Steam or just do a 1 time online authentication similar to what i did in BF:bad company 2.... don't worry ur still 1 of my fave gaming companies and I do love all ur games...



This is the best news Ive heard all day.  ... it was a slow day.

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