Hillcrest Labs Presses for Ban on Wii Import



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controllers and motion sensing



This group also successfully got sony and microsoft to pay for the vibrating controllers amazing how a company never puts out a product the reason a patent is taken in the first place and then sue someone for a design that could be radically different from there intended purpose just through generalizing a patent.I personnally feel if we had some good judges out there my first question would be do you have a working prototype of your patent and explain to me both visually and in non technical englsh what the parts do then dissect it and explain how the cicuits interact as basically as posssible if they can't do this then the patent is invalid for wii's controller if every part of the wii controller works exactly how they engineered there proto type then nintendo has a problem.On a side note can I claim patent on the locking sata plugs I've got a few people that will vouch I came up with the idea first when I bought my chaintech 9cjs the first thing I told my wife is why didn't they make the cable lock in place considering it always wiggled loose over time oh well. lol



It really depends on what kind and type of patent they are suing about. Each registered patent requires some sort of "product" it could be anything to prove that they invented this or have this as an owner.



Doesn't really say B2B had an international patent. The Wii wasn't developed in North America, so I can't really see them winning this one. It could be like that nut case from the states that tried to claim Rowling stole Harry Potter from her.



I hate patent trolls.  They ruin everything.

Gobble as much slop as you can now, you pigs -- both Obama and McCain are pushing for patent reform, so no matter which one gets into office, hopefully your asses will be out of business.

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