High Prices Still Hurting SSD Penetration in PC Market



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I Don't see SSDs becoming main stream for atleast a few years. Even if manufacturers are able to make them cheaper than traditional spinning media the price will still remain artificially higher, as it should. Right now the performance of most of these drives (the ones worth buying) is aimed at or above that of 10k rpm hdds. The user that buys a 10k rpm hdd is not the average user. I'm sure if you check market share for desktop systems you will see very little penetration from the 10k rpm units. With the rate prices are dropping and storage is increasing you will see 10k rpm units disapear from the desktop market sooner rather than later. By then I think there will be a more defined high end and low end for the SSD lineups, and we'll see prices low enough to really cut into traditional spinning media market share. In the long run, I really hope SSDs push hdds out of the market all together. Although both technologies eventually break down and fail, hdd failure is generally catastrophic, where sdd failur just means losing the ability to write to certain blocks while still being able to read from them.



price, capacity, dwindling performance over time, limited read write cycles....

do i not want a silent Ssd? if buying one wasn't like shooting myself in the foot i would have two by now.



The high price is the only thing holding me back. In the state of the economy, a lower average price would be smart. I think so anyways.



Same here...I would have a bunch of those in a RAID 0 if they cost oh maybe...half as much or a little less. Right now I guess I will have to stick to my standerd HD's.



One problem I see is that even though SSD prices are going down/capacities are going up, capacities are not increasing as fast as I'm increasing my storage needs.  With HD video and high res photography becoming popular, an SSD will only ever be a practical solution if I have a large secondary drive.  I don't see the average user opting for an SSD with 1/10th the capacity if they are on a budget at all.

I so think the primary SSD, secondary HDD configuration with become popular with the enthusiast crowd, but that's just a sliver of the market.

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