HGST's 1.2TB Ultrastar C10K1200 is Highest Capacity 10K RPM Hard Drive



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No word on price.

In other words it is priced so high that it will only sell to "IT professionals" who can't do simple math compared to a RAID of consumer grade (the I originally stood for "inexpensive") SSDs. There are datasets that might need this type of thing (tiny files that only need ~4k read), but that type of thing should still be SSD heaven, regardless of the RAID size you will need. Anyone caught putting these things in a rack should really go back to rebooting PCs.



These are only for Enterprise servers. I use the 1TB drives all the time, and I'll use these when they're available. Our clients have massive database files that are almost duplicated several times a day and they need this kind of drive to handle that.



Hmm didn't notice it was SAS not SATA until you mentioned that.



The WD 1TB velociraptor is about $250 bucks. I would assume they would want to keep it somewhat competitive and shoot for less than $300.

A 512GB SSD is about $350. Although SSD's have halved in price over the last couple years. These might actually sell to some enthusiasts for the mean time.

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