Hey Look, AMD's Shipping Bulldozer! (Sort Of)



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Can we still bench these chips on video games?



Sure if your game is an MMO and you are hosting the server that it is running on.



People need to understand that server procs are pretty much built off the same ISA as the desktops (if not using the same exact ISA), just with a little more features suited for servers. A server processor could run your games just as fine as a desktop. And the only reason why nobody builds off a server processor anymore is because it's too expensive to do so for what amounts to the same performance.

Like the old Core i7? That's pretty much a freagin' server processor without FB-DIMM support because desktops don't need that much capability.



i think you mean because it would kill performance, not because they dont need the capability.



For what reason would it kill performance? And if it would, why would people stuff it into a server when it's more expensive?

I haven't seen a single reason or source yet that specifically claims that a server and desktop chip from the same generation and of relatively similar clock speed (& core count, etc.), are found to be significantly different performance-wise. Until somebody speaks up with an actual benchmark, I back the claim that server chips are just as able as desktop chips in running games.



Server chips at least in the past haven't suffered any handicap on desktop applications that I've ever heard of.  I currently own a desktop with an 185 Opteron running in it.  Plays games just fine!

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