Hewlett-Packard to Decide webOS Fate by Mid-December



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HP has lost me as a customer



600 people are employed with the WebOS division... that must be the best job in the world, despite the complete lack of job security, if you worked there you obviously wouldn't be doing anything.  I have the pre2 and NOTHING is happening, no software updates or even information in general, all developers are releasing absolute crap applications, and if you check out palm.com, HP almost denies the products even existed with only a community and support tab.  I hacked droid onto my touchpad, and i never cared for droid before (and i certainly can't stand iOS) however, after being treated like crap from a company like HP did, i really can't see myself sticking around much longer considering the track record here.  Even though droid updates are few and far between and more heard about then seen, at least they're trying.  I've seen this exact story for the same 8 months... HP, just do us a favor and hand it over to a company with time and the ability to do something.

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