Here's What Nvidia's Dual-GPU GTX 595 Looks Like



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This card is definitely too late. The kepler cards are due out at the end of the year and it would be pointless to pick up two of these seeing how much faster they will supposedly be. This card needed to come out last summer, only a few months after the 480 release. I'll stick with tri sli 480s until kepler. No matter how well the card performs I've always felt that having the gpus on two separate pcbs and in sli is just more impressive. Single pcb gpu setups are always just meh no matter how awesome the card may be at the time. Can't wait for the 680 tho. I'll definitely be first in line




Talcum X

If this will be available in the new PCIe 3 flavor when utilize such power.


Fecal Face

Holy damn, two 8-pin connectors?



Considering my GTX460 is already using two 6 pin connectors, two 8 pins isn't much to ask. Especially when there are two GPUs...

I'd love to see the cooling solution that nVidia will use though. Twin fans? OEM liquid cooling? The first 3 slot graphic card?



Easily over $700



easily a big waste of money...


I don't see what major advantage this will have for someone like me, having the ATI HD5870.  If it is not going to give me double the performance for under $500, forget it.



One could say even a 5870 is a big waste of money considering a GTX460 or HD6870 does just the job just fine and the 5870 doesn't have a 2x performance for the 2x the cost.



I always like to see the competition's new hardware, no matter what the price, just so I can see how it performs.  I dunno, it's just fun to look at.  And dream of buying if I had the money.

And your avatar had me swatting at my monitor for about twenty seconds before I figured out it was a digital insect.  I feel really stupid now.



You clearly aren't the target audience. These people on the other hand are:

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