Here's How the Windows 7 User Interface Could have Looked



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I wonder if there ever was a "Spider Sense" gui so that you knew when a crash was about to happen...


I Jedi

Too bad for the batman spotlight. Seems cool in that picture. Anyways, keeping it clean and simple is usually the best route to go for this sort of stuff. Eye candy is nice, but not necessary. 


Keith E. Whisman

I'm surprized that squirt gun wasn't an idea. You know you opena window and it squirts onto the desktop. 

This is a cleaner idea than my earlier thoughts of ejaculating windows... LOL.. That would be too dirty to post here on 



"Ejaculating windows"?  Why on Earth would Microsoft implement that?  lol


Keith E. Whisman

That's why I didn't say anything about it because it sounds kinda dirty. You click on a program Icon and it's window squirts onto the screen.

We are really going to miss out on Windows 7 because this feature appears to have been omitted. 

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