Here’s Why Windows Vista No Longer Matters



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I will take the devils advocate position and try to question everyone's logic. 

For one, Microsoft is a public corporation who's key industry is in the software industry.  When comparing it to Apple, there's hardly a comparison because Apple's products are in computing.  Now, you may ask "aren't they the same industry?"...The answer is yes and no.  Apple builds their own hardware and develops their on software, so compatibility issues are next to none when running a new Apple OS on an Apple made computer.  So when comparing Vista's release to Apple OS releases, it's like comparing apples to oranges, or in this case, Apples to "Mojavi".  My point is this, if you look at the pricing and competition of the two companies, it's no wonder why MS products would be so pricey, in order to try and keep up with the industry.  Why does this matter?  Because all you whiners that complain about price and compare it to Apple aren't taking the right stance and it's quite irritating.  There's a VERY good reason why I waited to update to Windows Vista a whole year or two after it's initial release, and I will do the same with Windows 7.  So if it's driver incompatibility issues, stop complaining and wait till the hardware manufacturers provided compatible drivers for the OS.

 As for the release time of the OS, yeah it was released too early, but that was because they didn't give the hardware manufacturers enough time to develop the right drivers prior to it's actual release.  The only reason why Vista no longer matters is because Windows 7 is coming out soon.

To all you whiners about the "name changing" issue, all I have to say is GET OVER YOURSELF.

 Ever since SP1, the OS has become way more stable.  Was it worth my $193 for an OEM copy?  Yes, because I DON'T plan on getting Windows 7 right away.  So stop complaining about the initial cost if you aren't even practicing proper spending. 

 IMHO...I really think that Windows 7's release will be more stable than Vista, and that's because it looks as the Windows seven IS based off of Vista...Just how Windows XP was based off of 2000 and NT before it!  Will I buy it right away?  Hell no.



Well, I've had Vista Ult. on my computer for about 6 mos. now. Thank God I got Vista Ultimate for free when MS offerd a copy with a monitoring program awhile back.

I could never have afforded such a high priced OS otherwise. I will say that I have had no major problems with it, seems to do all my things just fine. Games, audio edittting, web surfing, the included Media Center works fine for watching on my 42" HDTV, Folding@Home runs alittle rough, but I think thats VJ Pande's program faults ,not Vista's.

While I have ten other rigs running XP Pro or Ubuntu, I have no more or no less problems with Vista than with those OS's.

I'm not a "Super User" just a general everyday user of computers.

 I build my rigs with whatever I can afford to buy, Most are core2duo's or afew Q6600 quads. Not top of the line, but works well.

So, I really don't see what all the fuss is about. I will agree that the price of Vista is REALLY too high. But other than that,, Vista is just like any other OS that has come out , they are gonna keep doing the updates and fixes for awhile. Then they will come out with the "Newer,Bigger,Badder, Super OS , Gotta Have It" program again.

Get used to it. Because unless you have a better OS and the money to "Push It" like Bill Gates did, all your whinning ain't gonna make a dang bit of difference !!



When I see articles like this I can only think that the end user is the one that will really suffer, due to the complacent attitude of the manufacturer.

I've had Vista for almost a year on my new laptop and must say that the problems have been minimal and easy to work around. SP1 really improved the OS and I'm very pleased with it overall.

I just wish the UAC was easier to override.

Am I looking forward to Windows 7? Not if it means that Vista is going to take a back seat in the meantime.



One fact that is not covered well by people commenting on Window's Vista problems is the fact that Microsoft screwed up from the beginning of the launch by pricing Vista above what most people are willing to pay for a new version of Windows. Microsoft missed the boat by not allowing people to upgrade for $50 dollars or less. Also, the number of versions offered and the prices were absurd. Most people will not pay over $50 to upgrade and are insulted by Microsofts pricing and business practices and would rather continue to use older versions of Windows or pirate a copy for use. Microsoft corporation is rich and should pass on their wealth by helping the average American (and others in the world) to upgrade when a new version of Windows operating system is released. I bought an upgrade to Windows ME for $45 in a military exchange. Yes, it was ME and I got what I paid for, but it was the cheapest upgrade I have ever seen for a new version of Windows. Linux distributions like Ubuntu are getting better and better and are easily installed and full featured. Microsoft should be scared. How can so many smart people at Microsoft misunderstand their customers and not only NOT give them what they want but keep their product beyond reach and therefore creating the mindset of "I don't need this product." Duuuhhhh....good luck on a comeback Microsoft and don't forget the little people along the way.

Tom Downing



I think there is finally a backlash to the vista backlash. I mean really people, Vista isn't bad at all. It's quick, looks nice, and is a good step up.

I do think it needs some polishing though, namely speed increase with games, and better compatibility with apps and drivers. But the next sp should really clear that up.



 While I think Vista is undoubtedly getting a bum rap these days for stuff it's long addressed, I wouldn't by any means consider it's initial problems "Small-ish flaws".

In the end, this is not about continuing to trash an OS that has been mostly fixed. This is about consumers standing up and telling the big "M", "Hey, we're not going to just install any crap you throw at us just because it's new and has your logo on it.... we don't accept video games when they're bugged from the start, we're certainly not going to accept an OS that's broken upon release."

Microsoft has [hopefully] learned two powerful lessons here...

1) yes, you do have to listen to the desires of your customer base.

2) It doesn't matter how delayed you are, and if you have to delay it more... take the time to test it. Get it right the first time!


"There's no time like the future."



I just think MS, hardware manufacturers & OEMs celebrated Vista's release like it was a license to print money...instead of ironing out the bugs.  

 So, they sold buckets of garbage to early adopters --just like their dreams.

Then the bugs gave Vista a bad rep.  

They've already fixed the bugs on the new hardware, as it comes out.  But they're doing almost nothing for the early adopters. 

Why should those people forgive MS? ... that's before you get to over-pricing on various versions & the DX 9 Halo game that only runs under DX 10.

If You and/or MS, want everyone to kwityerbitchn' about Vista --then You and/or MS need to take a bigger hand in making all this annoying shit better.  Otherwise, just don't read the comment under this type of article --because you know Someone is going to post a negative comment.

Maybe 7 will be better.  I hope so.  I don't expect them to follow through, if/when they decide it doesn't pay.



I've used Vista Business since the Express Upgrade was available.  Vista has gotten much, much better since then.  Really, if Windows 7 is based on Vista (which it is), I don't think there is going to be much of a problem for me.  Granted, I hardly think Vista is perfect, but it certainly is smoother than XP once you get used to things being in different places.  Using XP machines now confuses the heck out of me, from the lack of a search box in the Start Menu to the location of things in the control panel.



XP has a search box on the START menu   :/



In Vista when you click on Start there is a typeable search box. In XP you actually have to click on Start/Search than set a bunch of other options before you can search. In Vista just start typing and it will start searching before you have finished compisng your search. Two different animals. Try Vista, you might actually like it!



Vista indexes all the files for a faster search, XP doesn't but this can be cured by downloading Google Desktop Search which I think does a better job. I never did like the Vista search and never could find anything with it.

Vista is pretty but that's about it. Incompatible, slow piece of shi*



Vista deserves to die.....from the strong arm tactics its obvious flaws (more than any other OS I've ever used), it's stiff hardware demands, its' stupid ribbon bars, its' silly animations and screen clogging cr*p, its slow boot times, its' horrible gaming and benchmark results.....etc etc DESERVES to die!  Recipe for sucess:  Take one part Windows XP Pro, stir in one part hardened kernel, add a pinch of DX10, and strain out all the on-by-default services.....then bake at 450 degrees until its all one seemless, flawless OS.

  Relabel it as Windows XP Ultimate and go buy another yacht!



I have a laptop that runs vista and I don't find anything wrong with it.  In fact, I like how they put Media Center funtionality in the Premium version and now I could use my Xbox360 as a media center extender and have full control sitting on my couch using the remote. 

I do find it a little bit of a resource hog so I had to turn off Aero and I must admit that I miss seeing the 3d animation like when opening and closing windows and I really miss the feature where you hold your mouse pointer over a minimized program on the task bar and seeing a mini window of what it is.  I'm not bitching about it though because I'm not living in the past, I'm living in the present and realize new OSes need upgraded hardware.  Apple changes their shit all the time and their users get over it and go about their merry gay way.  In fact, every major new OS that Microsoft introduced needed a boost in hardware but there were users out there using old shit and some consolation is that at least MS lets their OSes on shit hardware whereas Apple completely shuts old users out.  

Anything MS does is always going to get bashed by people for no reason.  Like I said, I use Vista and find it a nice stable OS so anyone who bashes Vista are 1 of 3 things, (1)someone who used it and wasn't use to it because it wasn't XP (2)an Apple Mac using homo, or (3) a douche.



I don't agree with this Vista bashing at all. I've been running the 64 bit version for two years with no problems. I have 32bit on my laptop at work, and it runs fine too. From a security perspective, its far ahead of XP. I wish Microsoft would step up and support their OS.



Glacial startup times?? What are these people talking about? I just built a cheapo email/web browsing box with a Celeron 450, 2GB RAM, and Intel 3100 graphics. In other words, total crap hardware. In total, the machine cost me less than $400. Guess what? Vista Home Premium runs on it just fine. Even with the full Aero desktop turned on, it boots in seconds and isn't at all painful to use. I wouldn't try gaming with this rig, obviously, but that's got nothing to do with the OS. If you don't like Vista performance, try turning off the cheesy eye candy and the horrible drive-killing "Windows Search" service. If that still doesn't work, spend some money on new hardware you cheap bastards.




The only reason your' Vista comp boots fast is exactly the fact that it's a stripped down machine....Vista DON'T boot fast on a serious rig, even with all the eye-candy turned off :/



I'd ask you to explain how that makes any sense, but don't really need to. My main machine is E6850/8800GTX/4GB/RAID0. Sorry to tell you, but it boots even faster than the cheapo box. Stop spreading FUD, dude.



I have used Vista now on two systems and I'm totally dispointed with it. I think after using it since it came out I'm going to downgrade to XP finally. I've gone to using OSX at work full time now and I think it blows Windows away in a lot of areas but of course if you're a gamer you still need Windows. I hope MS gets it together with the new version and it's not three years late. I've gone to suggesting OSX to everyone except gamers at this point.



....and they'll say the same thing about Windows 7 when it comes out!  ...who are "they"?? Well, "They" are the idiots that jump on the "I HATE XP/Vista/Any Microsoft product of the moment even though I have no idea what I'm talking about and or never even used the product" bandwagon!

People said the same tired crap about XP that they did about Vista and NOTHING is going to change when the so called savior, Windows 7 is released IN TWO YEARS!

Let them stubbornly clutch their aging XP, they will ALL upgrade sooner or later! Hahaha!














Did you notice the people they used in that experiment?   Would you let ANY of them near YOUR computer....I think not!  

Further the XP rollout was no wheres near as buggy as the Vista rollout was.  Get a clue!



 We'll see what you have to say about Windows 7 once it's out.

Honestly, some people will never be happy. If you hate Windows so much, then just switch to Mac (you're sounding like a Mac user anyway) or Linux and be done with it!

You haven't voiced a single compelling reason to not use Vista at this time. With all of the patches, updates, and fixes that have been released since it's launch (and even when it was in beta, there are a LOT of things that were fixed before it was released), it's become a good OS. Heck, most people use the 64-bit version of Vista as they find it to be very stable, and runs well.

My system boots in less than a minute, is very stable and fast, and I get great FPS in my games. I had some issues with my AMD chipset with pre-sp1 Vista, however those have been resolved.

Might I suggest you "Get a clue!" and stop living in the past. You remind me of one of my co-workers who's about 72 and bitches about anything made before the 1940's as being "too new" and "doesn't work". Time to grow up!


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



I don't know why people make such a big deal of vista. We do have a choice of working with it or not.

 The only thing i can really say about the whole matter is... at least its not like millenium edition



I think the biggest problem with vista was the fact that it was such a system hog that if you didnt have the most recent hardware with lots of memory it just wasnt as pretty as it was billed.  That along with the fact that you had to shell out a couple hundered to get the Ultimate version, made it very unfriendly to the marketplace.



You have to shell out a couple hundred to get Ultimate Edition? Why? There's no compelling reason to get Ultimate over Home Premium. All you have to do is look at a helpful chart like this: and check which features you want. I agree that there are too many versions of Vista, but the only reason they even made Ultimate is because they knew that supernerds would cry bloody murder if they had no "superset" version even if the only real difference is BitLocker.

That said, there's really no compelling reason to upgrade to Vista now if you haven't done so already, seeing as Windows 7 will arrive in less than a year.



If you believe that Windows 7 will actually ship in less than a year, then I have some swamp land in Florida you may want to purchase.  ;-)



Yes, but to get the full visual effect that is one of Vista's biggest selling points, you need to have ultimate.



no you don't. Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate have the same eye candy. The only non-Aero version is Home Basic.






Animated backgrounds and a couple other things are Ultimate only.

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