Hello Excess! Corsair Launches 24GB DDR3 Memory Kit



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My motherboard can handle 24GB of RAM, and G.Skill just within the last month or two has started with 4GB kits, but at like USD$600 per kit; which works out to more than what Corsair wants for their kit, so it looks like my next purchase will be that kit!



Ace of Spades

They probably used 24 GBs of RAM to make FFXIII. Like has anyone seen this game on PS3 with a HDMI cable and HDTV? Cause this game looks extrodinary and better than Crysis.



This is just stupid.  Why would anyone pay that much for this kit?  Right now you could order 24GB (4 6GB kits) of the same ram with better timings (8-8-8-24) and higher speeds (1600Mhz) at Newegg for $976 and free shipping.  $1,350??!?

I love Corsair products, but come on...



Because that is in 2GB Sticks, there aren't enough slots to go arround
and you would end up with 12GB total not 24GB, these are 4GB sticks. If you are going for speed and size, right now at newegg you can get a G.Skill 4GB 1600 9-9-9-24 stick for $220*6=$1332 so the kit is roughly the same, slightly slower and $20 dollars more expensive but it's got the Corsiar reputation so take it as you will. If money were no object then I would get this kit for sure, but I don't think I ever will be running 24GB of DDR3 because we probably will be on to DDR5 by the time afford that much.



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