Hell, It’s About Time – StarCraft II Beta Getting Ready to Kick Off



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I give up on multiple email spamming since, well, Quakelive... lolz. Anyways, nice to hear the beta is finally coming out. Needed a break from FPSs and team objective games and was lookin for a RTS in a post mediocrely reviewed RA3. Hmmm, sure glad there's no sign of Supreme Commander 2's release date yet or perhaps another Kane RTS this year or it'll drive me nuts to figure out which one game to spend my hard-earned money into coz I'm poor like that lol.


he's pwning with a trackpad? oh really? oh reheheheeally?



I use to play StarCraft many years ago.  Now that I'm older SCII just is not that appealing anymore.  It took them too long, way too long for this to come about.



I hate everything what Blizzard / Activision touches. They put too much hype that they're this and that. They're different from the rest when the fact to the matter is they are just to safe to launch in every game they toss to gamers. They just want to keep their fan base happy and infect others to do the same.




Step Away from the bong!



I will start with children, calling them names, and searching their emails for Starcraft 2 beta keys. If i get any resistance, laying down the pain will be in order.


 Kidding, could really go for one of these though.

I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.

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