Head of EA Origin Rages Against Steam Sales Model



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He just buried himself and Origin a little bit deeper. Let him rant more and more until they eventually go away.


The Second Comi...

Chicken Pants knows that "...I just think it cheapens your intellectual property" means in Corporatespeak, "It keeps us from assraping more profits out of the consumer."



^nail on the head right der - they're pissed because Steams sales model is more profitable



25% of something is a whole lot better than 100% of nothing.



He compared Target to Nordstrom. I did a quick search on the DOW Jones and Target is worth more stock and quantity then Nordstom. That's how I feel with Valve's Steam to EA's Origin, worth more in my book by a whole lot. Just interesting way to look at it, I agree with what most others have posted before me. I buy all my games on sale from Steam pretty much, better than of days past where I would probably pirate the game instead of even consider buying it.



When steam does a 50-75% discount on a game, i seriously start to take a second look, third , or fourth look at that game. I JUST finished college yesterday, so i dont have much money. So when steam puts a game on a huge discount, it gets very temping to pick up said game for a song. It's either wait for steam's discount, or wait a few years and see if gog.com will put the game on its site so i can buy it for $10 or less.



The only time I payed a game full price, was when I pre-ordered Red Orchestra 2. It was pretty worth it, but I don't play it much due to the lag and the bugs. I think I should start playing now that they have "classic mode" and all that back.

Either way, not all games I bought were 75% off, some were just mere 33%. Valve is doing a good job setting a good example for the rest of the gaming industry. EA is too money minded.



"teaches consumers to wait 4-5 months for the discount" only if people are willing to wait that long. the discount is to pick up the rest of the people who were not willing to pay full price. That is the point of any discount. valve makes more money that way, more people have more games, everybody wins (which is the point of business in the first place)

a 75% discount doesn't come to all games 4-5 months later anyway. HOLIDAY SEASON (christmas steam sales anyone?)

as far as the steam vs origin, I will say i like the idea of using a refined browser like firefox or IE, Chrome, Opera, whatev. Steam's built in browser feels clunky. Chances are there will be more apps that drop in with browsers (as origin does not).

now that i think on it... isn't this hypocritical? a little bit? when EA bought westwood studios (for example) they released all their games to date on a single disc for a discount (so to speak). Did they not just discount BF3? how long has that been released?



What DeMartini-On-The-Rocks doesn't point out is that Steam doesn't sell "exclusives". Valve can still make a profit selling games at a lower price because of the higher quantity. Not only do you find Valve games, but you also find other games as well (from Activision all the way down to indie developers). Who the hell can make a profit just selling $60 POS games that are "EA exclusives"? I can't believe they might flirt with the idea of maybe having a sale down the road but that would only cause EA to be worth as much as a Facebook stock. Hell, even some of the major developers/publishers are integrating Steamworks into their games (i.e. Bethesda and Gearbox) because they know they can reach a better gamerbase than with EA. I already own 2 Origin-compatible games (Mass Effect 3 and The Sims 3) and I don't ever plan to spend another dime on an EA game (unless I find it in the "bargain bin").

Another point I want to make is that although I have faced some connection issues with Steam's servers, nothing can compare to the scale of epic fail that is the EA servers. How the hell can they expect people to play online (let alone connect online for authentication) when their servers are worse than Flagship Studios? No matter how many patches they roll out, nothing can fix how bad these damn servers are. Hell, patch 1.03 for ME3 actually made their servers worse than before! I was hoping that dropping $80 for the ME3 Collector's Edition would give them something to work with to make things right. Apparently an extra $20 can't buy anything but frustration.

This debate extends farther than just sales model. Money can't hide the atrocious quality of EA games, their servers and their "customer support" (or lack thereof). Mr. Cranberry Vodka needs to stick his hand as far up his ass as he can and see if he can dig out the shit that EA continues to put out.



I hold off on buying games until there is a sale, period. I don't even play games on PC (getting into it though). I rarely buy overpriced games when they first come out, but instead wait until I find a good deal for the game. This has nothing to do with what Steam does, but what Origin is unwilling to do.



Deep discounts way to go! Origin can suck it.



The the company that was voted the worst company in the world is whining that they dont like competition (one that they are loosing obviously) and that consumers should pay as much as possible for their product.

i bought one EA title BF3, and when that premium bs came out, i decided i will never buy from EA again. or play bf3.



ehh! what? what can be expected from ea/origin?



In this day and age where people continue to lose their jobs, can barely make ends meet, while in the meantime. EA is pissed, all because of these steam sales?.

What needs to happen is EA needs to get their collective heads out of their rears, and realize, that these "60 bucks a pop" just isn't cutting it. And 2. Even if that was not the case. Some of these games don't even give much value out of your buck either. Plus DRM on top of that??. Yea..ok

EA says that steam is doing it wrong, where as in the "real world" Steam is the one that's doing it right. Meeting consumers demands, and adjusting to the "new economy". Not some delusional fantasy EA is living in.

Why are we supporting EA anyways?? That kind of nonsense that they speak of is a "issue" to consumers and makes me not want to deal with EA at all (you should too).

Would like to see a response from Gabe,throwing his 2 cents about EA's "issues"

This is just absurd!.



A third party is willing to sell their products for a price consumers are willing to pay. The horror! If they don't like it, they can just stop selling the games to Steam and enjoy their decreased revenues.



If EA wants me to buy games on release day at full price ($60,) they need to be "ready for prime time" when they come out. I have two GTX 280s in SLI and an I7 920 which I would think is not uncommon and yet I was not able to play BF3 without a CTD (within 5min of starting multiplayer) for SEVEN MONTHS. EA blamed Nvidia drivers and said I should simply put the settings on low....hardly an acceptable answer for GPUs that can max the game out in single player with AA at 1080P and get 60FPS. Sure enough, a patch for BF3 fixed the issue without the need to change settings, drivers, or underclock.

I recall a similar experience with BF2 and my X700 card….but that is another story



I'm with Bling on this one. There are a LOT of games I bought on Steam that I simply wouldn't have bothered with at full retail. I wouldn't have pirated them, I wouldn't have bought them used, heck, I probably wouldn't have even bother to rent them. The only reason they got me to part with any of my hard-earned greenbacks was by offering them at a deep discount.

A few standouts then had me looking for more right out of the shoot. Take Mass Effect; I so thoroughly enjoyed the game I went out and bought Mass Effect II at it's release. That would have never happened if I hadn't had a budget copy of Mass Effect. I would have passed on the whole series.



I think this speaks directly to what's wrong with the gaming industry with respect to DRM and piracy. Everyone here at MaxPC and the forums have been talking about the fact that if you price games at a more reasonable level, you do away with the need for DRM and the need to pirate software. Selling more units at a better price point beats the hell out of fewer units at a higher price. The comments below make good sense. Yes, we'll buy Skyrim, Far Cry 3 right now and pick up other titles further down the line. We're much more likely to buy other titles if they go on sale. And these sales only last a short time so its a win/win for everyone! How can you fault a business model that makes perfect sense?! Origin needs to wake up and listen to the consumers!



Thank you Mr. DeMartini for telling us how Origin is great for EA, and how Steam is great for consumers. You made it pretty easy for me to decide where to go - Steam.

I have purchased exactly 2 titles through Origin since it started, and no longer play either title. I understand EA's frustration with Steam's pricing model, but Origin is about as functional as an ejection seat on a helicoper. I like Steam and have an extensive friends list there - that doesn't exist for me on Origin. I have about 200 games on Steam, and it is my main games library and is keyed to open on system start-up. Origin will most likely never have that honor on my system. Origin is invasive as far as software goes, and requires 3rd-party browsers, etc. I could go on and on, but I can tell you, Mr. DeMartini, that your main problem with Steam is not the pricing, it is the fact that Steam is doing it right and your platform is weak competition at best.



A random thought that came into my head...


Peanut Fox

I'm sure the people who bought Mass Effect 3 were well rewarded for their pre and first day purchases. There's so much in my back list to play there is little reason to go out and buy day one anything for me.

I guess I'm not surprised that a business man wants to charge people a much for his product as he possibly can, but that he so blatantly admits it.

I swear. If these guys aren't crying about used game sales, it's piracy. Now they're crying about people actually buying games.



Steam cares about it's users. EA cares about EA.

'Nuff said!






Would game devs rather have $5 for their game or nothing at all? Roughly 75% of the games I own on Steam were impulse buys or games I've wanted but just couldn't justify paying $20+. Not many games these days have a decent demo available so I don't feel like spending $20-40 to "try" a game and find out it's crap. I haven't used it yet but I really like the idea of being able to try a new game every weekend on Steam for free.

They're just pissed that some companies aren't the greedy buggers that they are and are cutting into their profits. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em?

I don't really think I'm spending more money than I usually do with Steam, I just happen to be getting more bang for my buck which is what consumers want.


Shadow Death

Truth be told, if game producers today didn't try to rob us blind with a 60 dollar price tag on a game that is only enjoyable for a few hours with no replayability we wouldn't wait for it to go on sale. I dropped 60 for Battlefield 3 then had to fight off the hackers about a week after it's release. Then there's Dark Souls which will NOT be optimized for PC's because, "It's too hard". They blame piracy for the PC gaming market dieing, I blame poor management and greedy game producers.



He's welcome to continue crying in his beer. If I think a game is going to be good enough, I have no problem pre-buying or buying immediately after release. In fact, I just pre-ordered Far Cry 3.

Steam sales allow me to buy games that I normally wouldn't have purchased simply because the pricing gives me that luxury. And everyone wins under that business model - developers and distributors make money, and I get good entertainment value.



When a game first comes out, the people that want to play that game are going to pay the costs at release. I paid full price for Skyrim, don't regret it at all. It only make since to put the games on sale later. All the people who are willing to pay full price most likely already have. Steams model is good for gamers and the developers, everyone benefits, I can't say I feel the same way about EA.



Well, let's see... What's the profit percentage of a lost sale vs a deeply discounted sale?

I've purchased many more games than I intended from Steam due to their frequent and generous sales. I've purchased nothing from Origin due to their lack of sales. I would have been interested in some of their recent games had they not made them exclusive to the Origin store.

How can a VP be so bad at simple math?



He probably has an MBA, and I do believe that they lobotomize people in the second term in all MBA programs.



Cheapens your intellectual property? If by that you mean "gets games into the hands of people who wouldn't (be able to) pay for it otherwise", I guess you have a point. Regardless, have fun trying to target/exploit all those pretentious retards who don't mind getting rolled paying for DRM ridden crap. I'm sure that there's plenty of new-money Americans who are willing to shell out top dollar for your shabby games.



If I had a game to sell, Steam would be my only choice of distribution.

I'd sooner accept getting fewer dollars for a small percentage of my sales. Those discounts only last a day and at most a few days. That, and Steams support is way better than EA's support.

I wouldn't want my game being associated with EA, who treats their customers very poorly, at best.



Besides, when a game goes on sale, it's user base increases. And can have a positive effect of profits being greater than if the game sold at regular price but with a smaller install base.



I'm soooooo surprised that EA of all companies is whining about not making enough money /sarcasm. Steam has the right business model for sure.

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