HBO Tells Netflix to Take a Hike



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Seriously, this idea is from the '90s. It was a fail then and it is a fail now. They should do a deal with Netflix if they want to go online.



Hmmm, I will pay them a buck a month. If i'm feeling generous, as high as two. Do these jokers think we are all made of money? Can we pay every company out there 10+ bucks a month? Hah. They live in a different world than the rest of us.


HBO can't be serious. Thats like Microsoft asking Dell to integrate thier new OS, and Dell being to good for Microsoft. I hate to say it HBO, the value for your exclusive premium high quality super awesome content is not going to take in near as much busniess as you hope. Less than half the people that watch your shows get it on tv, the rest get it for free through sharing people who hate hosts like HBO.



I'm pretty happy with a move Comcast made. I have HBO on my cable box, and I can watch almost any HBO show online on If True Blood airs at 9PM, It's online in HD streaming at 10:00 PM. I don't see the need to get netflix if my 11.99 a month through comcast gets me HD streaming of my premium HBO content.



if HBO and other services want to stream content...fine. But they should not compete with Netflix. Netflix's footprint is far too large. They are perfectly positioned at the moment. You can now stream NetFlix to almost every home media outlet. Xbox 360, Wii, PC (media center), etc. They are the movie equivalent to iTunes. HBO will profit from working with NetFlix. There's no better movie outlet to partner with actually. NetFlix is a behemoth. HBO has a lot of balls to try and compete. It's just not going to work. HBO has a few select good shows. I personally don't watch TrueBlood or Sopranos. I only watch RealTime with Bill Maher, but there are many who like the other shows. But are you really going to have a streaming service based off of a few shows? I mean, I'm sure they will offer other content, but NetFlix has every movie you can imagine covered. So, where do you go with that? Not to mention, NetFlix's prices are wonderful. Very affordable to many. I just don't see it happening. It's like when game developers would come out with these "so called" WOW-killers. Once something has made a big enough footprint and are playing their cards just can't compete. The only hope HBO has is if NetFlix does something stupid to screw up, but even then, most folks will just run back to Hollywood Video and Blockbuster. 



Yes there are a show or two I like to watch on HBO, there is no way I will pay HBO a dime to watch them. I will just wait till they come out on dvd then rent them from Nteflicks..  not worth my money to have HBO in any way.



I already have all HBO content instreaming thru my Comcast account so who cares! And who needs True Blood or Sopranos when "BOARDWALK EMPIRE" is coming in about a month!!!



Not interested.  Are you planning on being accessible on every console and via Windows media center?  If not, take a hike.  Accessing streamed content from an internet browser is too klunky for me when I have other options.

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