Hawaii's Online Health Care Service Launches



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The idea is interesting and this can be useful at some point, but it surely doesn't replace the real thing. I have nothing against it. You can ask for advice online, you can get an answer to your health related questions and so on. But what if you need other services like rehab in Florida? Is it possible to develop such treatment programs online? I don't think so! So, like I said: it' a good opportunity to get some advice but it is not an alternative.



This definitely can't replace the real thing. How would you take a breath test over the internet? This is just a fast solution for minor stuff or hypochondriacs! I have the same doctor since I was born and he never got a diagnose wrong until now and hope he won't in the future. Each time I went he listened to my lungs and did stuff that you cannot do over the internet.


James Harris

This health care services should be complimented by some fitness guidance from the likes of personal training chicago. It will surely make this health habbit successful.



This is a good option to have.




I am not saying all doctors are like this but I can see doctors zipping through this to collect there $25 and run.  The doctor knows that even if they mis-diagnose it over the web, they can use the excuse well I was going on what the patient told me, and you will still need to zip into the clinic to get a real diagnoses costing you even more money.

Also what happens when you go on there and your doctor says you need to come in.  Your flipping an extra $10 out or $45 if your not a member to have a doctor tell you "I can't diagnose it you need to come in".

On the other hand it may save the embarrassing office visit describing to the nurse at the front desk what hurts after a trip to mexico in a local brothel.




Going to the local clinic when my flu went bronchial cost a bundle... the second visit i didn't even see a doctor, just a nurse. Had to go just to get antibiotics and real cough syrup. Not to mention feeling absolutely terrible and having to drive there and sit there for an hour amongst other people and _their_ germs with the stupid TV blaring daytime TV crap.

This will be great when you can hook up some sensors...

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