Have Trouble Making Up Your Mind? Digital Storm's ODE Gaming PCs Come Pre-configured



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I've not purchased a pre-built since my Micron, back in 1997. I've built every computer I owned since then. Any one of the computers they are selling would whip the tar out of the P4 POS I'm on right now. Life sucks on a teacher's salary, no matter what Mitch Daniels says.


Holly Golightly

I am not a fan of pre-built rigs. They take the fun out of building your own. Even though it takes me a few hours to build a computer, I always have fun doing it. 

Howcome the ODE does not come with an AMD/ATi configuration? I can even save more money with that configuration verses the Intel/nVidia set-up.

I will admit, I like the "Better" configuration, as that Sabertooth motherboard is iconic in terms of design. Overall, I am impressed, but prefer to see more options on pricing.



I'm not one for prebuilts, but that is one sexy setup. Brilliant cable management too! And I thought my system looked clean...



the configuration is wrong because the asus P8P67 only supports crossfire 



I wanted to chime in and respond to the SLI question.

All four of our ODE configurations come with SLI support.

Level 1 at $1,499: ASUS P8P67 Pro
Level 2 at $1,999: ASUS Sabertooth P67
Level 3 at $2,299: ASUS Sabertooth P67
Level 4 at $2,499: ASUS Maximus IV Extreme

I hope this helps. Thank you Max PC for posting our press release.

Here's a quick link to the ODE landing page: http://www.digitalstormonline.com/ode.asp




You're right, it doesn't though Digital Storm isn't advertising SLI on the vanilla P8P67, just the Sabertooth (which they incorrectly labeled as a "P8P67 Sabertooth" board in the press release) and Maximus IV Extreme.

As an FYI however, the P8P67 Deluxe, P8P67 Pro, P8P67 WS Revolution, and P8P67-M Pro (none of which are being used by Digital Storm) all support SLI.




Thank you for letting us know about the incorrect labeling for the "P8P67 Sabertooth," I'll let the team know to update that to just the "P67 Sabertooth"

Warm Regards,



pricing seems decent, but I don't think I'd ever buy one. DS does make some decent rigs overall. My only complaint is my dislike for the w/c parts they use since they're more midrange instead of high end. I'll definitely recommend one of these to some computer illiterate friends that want a halfway decent computer.



Lol MPC, Its a GTX 560 not a GTX 570. I was seriously thinking about going with the ODE if I could get a config with a GTX 570 for $1500. Then I went to the site and -__-



Do'h! That's actually a typo in the press release, that we reposted. Nice catch!



That's a very decent price for the parts listed. I built mine and it cost me around 900$ (i got HD 6850 instead of GTX 570 and a 650W PSU though).

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