Have an Awesome Idea for Windows 8? Microsoft isn't Listening



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i know this is couple years old now. but i will give it some life.

i currently have no education, or any idea of making software but i do have a idea of a os for Microsoft, but there no option anywhere to tell them it.
i tried there online support chat twice and they just give me the same website address i started at.

my idea was that there is always a gamer argument about each others systems.

keyboard and mouse vs game pad.
better hardware graphics.
pc don't have the achievement xp like consoles do.
xbox has party chat, pc don't.
in-game loading times are faster on pc.

the arguments are endless.

fact is what ever system you go with. there something your going to lose compared to the other.

so with that said. if Microsoft make xboxs and it also makes windows os. then why not make a windows gaming os.like Xbox live.

it bring more gamers together, and they get the best of both worlds.

and at the same time Microsoft wins, because they taken the gamers from valve steam,
doubling there xbox live income as well as the sales from the windows gaming os.

with very little work, as it just be taking xbox one os and tweaking it to able to install on the pc



Come on.This is like plaing "I'm not touching you"with microsoft.



I guarantee that they "reviewed" it.



Nabokovut Clonsider ccWin7A Usable AlternativewoulOut Of Box osd have downgraded Win7 to XP like I did Vista if I could have but drivers and new technologies prevented that. With that said, Windows 7 is theFirst 





Here's my suggestion: Stop trying to turn my PC into a console. Thanks.



It's not that uncommon. Nintendo does the same thing. They don't want to hear your great idea for a new game because then you'd have them over your knee for royalties and fees. If you've really got great ideas for Windows, convince Microsoft to hire you and then give them your ideas. Or implement it yourself and then sell it!



I'm not saying you should write boring stories, MaxPC, but you've been hyping up a few of your articles when the bottom line has been something much more simple.

A few years ago, the Baltimore Ravens were looking for a new logo. They reached out to the fans for ideas. A fan had won the design contest and was paid a prize amount (not sure how much, it's irrelevant). The long story short is after the fan got the agreed upon prize, which was laid down in the terms and conditions when he submitted his design, he ended up suing the organization because he felt they had stolen his intellectual property. Had they? No, legally they clearly spelled out what he would get in return and that his compensation would be the prize money alone. Did that stop him? No. Did that get rid of all the legal fees for the Ravens? No. Did they get to use the logo for which they had paid the fan? Ultimately no. They used it for a season or so, then had to get a new one.

My point is while the sensationalized wording of this article makes it seem like Microsoft isn't listening to what users want, that's not true. Business practices aside, Microsoft has built their success on making their operating systems (relatively) easy to use and user friendly. They're always looking for ways to make it better. But they're not allowing people to submit ideas. If someone ever disputed the terms under which the idea was submitted, even if Microsoft was smart and laid it all out in plain, easy to read English, they would still have to appear in court and fight a long legal battle that they shouldn't have to. THAT'S the reason they're not openly allowing users to submit ideas, not because they want to make a crappy OS.

Neutral, unbiased and un-spun coverage is what Maximum PC used to be about...



I recall that Frederick Bouchat submitted a design that the team rejected and then used a very similar design.



He probably just sent them an Ubuntu CD!



You'd think they'd just send a disclaimer saying something along the lines of "If we use your ideas we won't pay you, do you agree." 



Yeah, but do you really think that would stop someone?

The concept of IP is starting to reach the same sorry state as copyright/patent law. It seems no one really cares what the facts of a case are. If there's any conceivable reason no matter how shaky some idiot will try to sue.



That what Apple does, even on the most mundane things.


Holly Golightly

Wow, that is insanity on Microsoft's behalf! They should always listen to their people. But I like the way Windows 8 looks. To see it be completely changed because someone does not like the look of it is wrong. I think Windows 8 is progressive. Windows 7 did not have the same adaption that XP had, with that said, Microsoft needs to do something new if it wants to be ahead of the game. We will see what Windows 8 will bring. We will all be impressed by the results I'm sure!

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