Hate Politics? You Should Probably Steer Clear of YouTube for Awhile



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If we are all having conversations in the context of Dems vs Repubs like this guy, then we are all truly fucked.



Stores with web sites have always had to charge sales tax if they have a store or facility in the state they are shipping to. However, the effort to tax online-only retailers is bipartisan.




We are referring to a National internet sales tax which is not bipartisan.



Read the article. It is about the National Internet Sales Tax and it clearly states it was introduced by a Republican and a Democrat. It also shows that one of the people that testified in support of the bill at the committee hearing was the govenor of Tennesse, who is Republican. It clearly has bipartisan support in the CURRENT Congress. The only reference I could find of a solely Democratic Bill was from 1999, which died.



Um...no. Its about STATE sales taxes and forcing online retailers to collect them on behalf of the STATE in which the customer lives.

You people do realize that you must pay sales tax on goods purchased online regardless of whether or not the place you bought them from collected it, right? Failure to do so is, in fact, tax evasion, so by telling online retailers to collect taxes, the amount of tax you are obligated to pay does not change. It's actually more convenient to do it this way.

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