Haswell Notebooks to Hit Retail by End of the Month



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End of the month? That's faster than I thought!! That's awesome!!
Hope they make some great form factors this this little gem.



I can't wait! For me, 1080p isn't too important on such a small device, but if Haswell can play BF3 at 1600x900 on medium graphics settings at 50-60 frames, and if Ultrabook manufacturers can make something that looks less like a Macbook (in terms of color, and even shape sometimes), I can't wait. :)It's a tall order, but I'm confident that Intel can fill it.



Hoping there's a 1080p, Iris graphics version of the Acer aspire P3 on the horizon. :)



I bought a dell latitude 14 inch business laptop with the upgraded 900 res screen, ssd, and a discrete video card I think it is the 5400 card.
I can actually play left for dead on it on my 30 inch screen. Quite a bit of heat is coming out of it when I do and there are occassional stutters on the screen. I read somewhere that Haswell will perform as good as a 660m?? If that is so that would be good enough for me to play average gaming, avoid the heat of the discrete video card. I definitely think everyone should wait to buy another month or two if in the market.



If my math is right, the HD Graphics 5000 at 700 MHz will beat the 660M in everything but memory bandwidth. The 660M has 80 GB/s of bandwidth compared to the HD Graphics's maximum of 25.6 GB/s (unless you overclock the RAM).



Does it play L4D at the native resolution of your 30" screen? What is the native res of your 30" screen?

What is the "upgraded 900 res screen"? 1440 * 900?

My ancient macbook with the 8600M GT can play L4D fluidly at 1440*900 so I can't say that I consider it an accomplishment that Intel graphics can finally deliver a somewhat playable experience in that now-ancient game.



I'm looking forward to them. I want light and portable. Less 3lbs. IPS touch screen. SSD. Perfect to use Photoshop on the go. I will probably have to add win7 or wait until 8.1 comes out so the wife can be somewhat fimilar.

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