Hasbro Sues Asus For Naming Tablet "Transformer Prime"



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On a semi related subject... This reminds me of Paris Hilton trying to copyright the phrase "Thats Hot" or Trump with "You're fired"... Why dose every one think that if they put two words together, they then have exclusive too their use. But anyway.

I think the problem here is "Optimus Prime" and "The Trasnformers" are TM, but just because Hasbro has trademarked the two dosen't mean they own the rights to each indivual word or any combination of said words.

EDIT: Forgot about the "Transformers: Prime" show... Still, frivolous.



I'm thinking Asus knew this would happen when they named it. They wanted to be sued. This is how pathetic these companies have become. This all just reaks of some idiot executives brilliant marketing scheme. Nice job but outside of the Nook Color and maybe the new Nook Tablet there isn't anything else worth buying.



Juat a slightly off topic question.

Is there an award show for litigation? If not there should be. I can see some of the categories now.

1. Company with the most pending patent disputes...... that isn't Apple.

2. Company with the flimsiest premise for a trademark dispute. Toss up between Hasbro and Bethesda.

3. Most outlandish reward per song for a copyright infringement case against a regular citizen.

Hey they could even broadcast it on SpikeTV. But if they do I'm suing their @sses off. It was my idea after all.



The most damaging thing to Hasbro's Transformers brand is those god-awful movies.



Pretty sure they have to prove "damages" which would require proof that someone was going to buy a Hasbro toy called Transformer or Prime, and instead bought an ASUS Android tablet, thus losing the sale for Hasbro.  Good luck with that ;-)



excellent point.



I don't see this going any where. The "Transformer" trademark Hasbro has only relates to toys and games and such and does not relate to pcs, tablets ect. It would be like Hasbro coming back out with their old school happy apple toy and Apple suing them infringement. Its just not going to fly.



lol, I could see apple suing for that. Apple is extra petty



You know ASUS was trying to bite off of the Transformers by calling it Prime.  Unfortunately for Hasbro, I don't think they have a case.  It's a shit business move trying to fight it if you ask me.  Instead, they should be working with ASUS to release the Optimus Prime-skinned version of the Transformer Prime.


Peanut Fox

If it had nVidia's Optimus GPU switching technology, they could could have called it the Transformer Optimus Prime :)


Markkus Rovito

Good call. Collaboration over competition. Don't know who'd pay $500 for an Optimus Prime tablet, but there's one way to find out. 



could asus not see this coming? really?



Agreed.  If it only had the word Transformer, or only Prime, I would understand.  But put the two words in the same sentence, much less the same name, and it should have been obvious this was a lawsuit waiting to happen.



I said the same thing.

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