Has the Video Games Awards Show Lost Its Luster?



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Here's how I see the VGAs...they gave CoDBlOps the "Best Shooter" award, and that pretty much sums it up.  They pandered to the crap big-name console shooter franchise, passed up the game that should have won that prize (Bad Company 2 - or any of the others, really), and lost most of their credibility in my eyes in the process.  Now, whenever I have a discussion with a CoD fanboy who thinks they're the greatest shooters on the planet, they just dismiss my arguments about better tactical gameplay and realism, etc. by citing the fact that "The VGAs gave it 'Best Shooter' Zomg OMFG lol so BC2 suxx!!"  Hard to argue with reasoning like that.  I suppose they're entitled to their opinion, of course, but...all the same.  Christ, CoD fanboys piss me off almost as badly as Apple fanboys.

And as others have mentioned, the VGAs misrepresent gamers in a most unfortunate and unappealing fashion.  Screw 'em - I don't need their awards.  I'll stick with reviews from Metacritic and the like.



CoD = No destructible environments; small maps, no vehicles, not squad based, run-and-gun shooter (for children)


BF:BC2 = 90% Destructible environments, big maps, land - sea and air vehicles, team / squad based, tactical squad based shooter (for adults)


Now I have played BF since BF:VN and Im very happy about how BF has evolved; there is nothing more gratifying than joining a good squad (friends or complete strangers) and winning the match being the best squad and the best player (sometimes lol).  OR you could just run around a shoebox with everyone trying to F**k over everyone else to be the best player!


So basically, they took a bribe to place CoD at the top; should have been BF!



There's a show about ancient video display hardware standards?! 

How did I miss that!



When exactly did the Video Game Awards have luster? (Asked rhetorically)


They are a vapid and neigh useless alotment of what could otherwise be entertainment, if anything I'd prefer Spike run the Star Wars movies for the thousandth time (this week) than see the C-listers shamble their way on stage, pretend like they are actually thinking what they are struggling to read from a teleprompter, and already growing thirsty for whatever "refreshment" is helping them remain concious through the interminable award show.



I only stuck around for the Mass Effect 3 trailer. Most everything reeked of cheesyness and people obviously not into gaming.

"Maybe the numbers are down because the show is hosted on a Saturday when even die-hard gamers have other things to do."

When do gamers not have other things to do? WE'RE GAMERS for goodness sakes, of course we always have better things to do than consume a non-interactive medium.



"I only stuck around for the Mass Effect 3 trailer. Most everything reeked of cheesyness and people obviously not into gaming."

I watched it, and the new Arkham (anyone else think that the new Arkham trailer looked real until the very end?)



The SpikeTV VGAs are not tastefully done.  As a gamer, I identify with gaming, and the show makes both my hobby and myself look bad in the eyes of the unwashed masses.

It needs to go or be reformatted.



When you announce the winners via words painted on half-naked womens' skin (true story, happened one year), you don't get to say you ever even had any luster to begin with. The Spike VGAs are a disgrace to games, TV, and humanity as a whole. The show's real purpose has nothing to do with commending developers for their work, it's all about trotting out unrelated celebrities (yes, Olivia Munn is unrelated to video games, and sorry, Neil) in order to show trailers and whore out the show for other advertisers.

Man, what a downer comment.



I saw neil patrick harris' bit. It was painful to watch, I've seen better acting in middle school plays.



"In the words of Jerry Seinfeld, what's the deal with that?"


The deal is there have been no new, exciting or innovative games in a long time. Sure, there's the Kinect, but that doesnt' have any games for it. Not to mention, with PC gaming going down the toilet, the only alternative is underpowered "current gen" consoles. Not saying there haven't been a few enjoyable game, but the days of having an awesome game come out every few months are over.


Once game developers stop trying to package excrement and sell it for a king's ransom ($60 a piece? Most of these games aren't worth the $20 it will take them years to drop to), then there will be more interest.



I won't buy games for 60 bucks no matter how good they are. And they wonder why people pirate everything.


*Hey Maximumpc - hows that captcha workin out lol. It took me 4 tries now to make a post for getting the captcha wrong. If you give me 5 cents for every spam post i remove, i'll do it :)

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