Has RIM Agreed to Let India Snoop BlackBerry Email?



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We expect foreign corporations to follow our laws when they do business in our country. It shouldn't be a surprise that they expect our corporations to follow their laws when they do business in their country. As seemingly uncomfortable for RIM as it is, they do have a choice of not doing business in India. So what is more important to RIM, their clients' data security and privacy or the profit to be made in the world's largest Democracy?



One, RIM is a Canadian company, not an American company, two, people that choose blackberrys do so based on their security and privacy policy's. If RIM now chooses to allow thrid partys access to the data on their network, more people will drop blackberry's in favor ogf Android or Windows Phone 7 devies, as the data is stored on the persons employers exchange servers, not on RIMS BES servers. Despite Indias being the largest Democracy, they are still one of the poorest countries in the world. I would choose privacy over what litle profit there is to be3 made in India any day. And even if India was not dirt poor, privacy and security should always come first.



Tell them to go piss up a rope!!

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