Has Bit Torrent Declared War On VoIP and Gamers?



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This is probably the dumbest thing I've ever seen the Bittorrent people do and that's saying a lot since they have a history of doing idiotic things.

As a network administrator, BitTorrent is a menance already.  The BitTorrent protocol's designers have no regards for the RFCs or any standards that have been laid out regarding computer networking and protocols.  The client authors have no concern for the impact that their client will have on a network; most clients literally flood any network they are on with a constant barrage of packets caused by the use of DHT, the trackers themselves and the fact that they are constantly opening and closing connections at a rate of hundreds if not thousands every 30 minutes while maintaining as many as hundreds of open connections.

It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to see the kind of deleterious impact that this kind of wreckless behavior will have on a network; especially when you have a lot of people all doing it at once.  A BitTorrent download is considerably harder on a network than a similar speed client-server download.

I might add that BitTorrent itself is a lousy protocol just as P2P is a lousy concept.  I have never seen an instance where BitTorrent even came close to rivaling the speeds of a good Usenet host like Giganews.  I have never maxed out my 10mbps connection on BitTorrent.  The speed on BitTorrent is always a crapshoot whereas with a pure client-server setup, like Giganews, it's constant.  

BitTorrent is designed on the concept that the more you share, the more you download.  The problem is, the majority of ISPs have highly disproportional upload/download speed ratios.  Which means that most of the hosts you will be connecting to on BitTorrent are going to have upload speeds that wouldn't even rival a T1.  So you're generally lucky to get 5-10KB/s per host unless you happen to connect to someone at a uni or somewhere that has a nice fat pipe.



Have you ever tried downloading linux OS? I topped at 1.3 mbs for the entire thing.

The concept is quite geiuns if you look at the entire picture and not just what it does to your network, but bittorent should not be used where there is a need for a network administrator. 



That's because the distros arrange to have fat pipes seeding those torrents.  In which case, the majority of your speed comes from a handful of sources.  The peer-to-peer aspect doesn't provide hardly any speed.

Why?  Because it's considerably cheaper and easier to provide bandwidth to a data center than it is to provide it to a residence (last mile).



I can see the point to the argument on both sides of this. I use to work for an ISP called Xplornet that owns a network basically made up of radio towers which has run into issues with P2P traffic. The thing is that network was made for heavy traffic, their plan initial was to bring to bring high speed to rural areas which I think is a great idea since most major ISP's seem to thumb their nose at rural customers (as for those in cities whining they may get slowed down a little browsing/downloading, listen closely.... hear that? its the world's smallest violin...)

On the other hand I'm a fan of torrents, yes I do download games but its only becauseI want to try a real version before I buy it. Every game I've downloaded I now own a legal copy.

Can't remember where I read this, I think it was in an email a customer had emailed into the company it was about P4P and it was a different strategy for managing P2P traffic with out it being a burden on the network.


Anyone else heard of it?



Maybe if Google would stop using more bandwith than it pays for, we wouldn't have this problem. Also, am I the only one who can't access content on the priate bay? All I get is the home page. If I do a search, all I get are the sidebar ads. 


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



so the bandwidth we were all rationed out depending on how much we payed doesn't exist? what other f*king company does this? well you payed for this but we giving you this inferior product because we f**ked up and are low on stock. Another brilliant analogy, You payed for a banana and at the cash register its swapped out for a grape?

Fortunately out of the chaos may come improvements to infrastructure. More bandwidth, and less p2ping do to reduced prices on digital media. 



So is this good or bad for us that use bittorrent? Also a while ago i reinstalled Utorrent and now when i try searching the only sites it lets me search are bittorrent and google, how do i add piratebay and isohunt to the list?



I'm assuming that µtorrent wants to appear as a more legal alternative and as such removed those from their search engine. I thought it used to have a mininova search too, but frankly I never cared for their searches. I looked for a while and say no way off adding the ones you mentioned.

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