Harvard Scientists Stuff Over 700TB of Data Into a Single Gram of DNA



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All the scientists have said that transporter technology would be impossible to build because the storage of all the atoms of your body would take up huge amounts of space.
Well, with this technology, maybe a map of all the atoms of your body could be stored on something as big as a CD.



i'm stoked about this but it makes me wonder. if we can figure out how to put digital content into dna how come we cat "figure out" how to cure aids or other massively killing disease's makes you kinda wonder what is being hidden from us just to make money.



AIDS hasn't been cured yet because no one has found a way to effectively remove the integrated virus genome from infected t-cells. This is hard to do, because a drug must be able to find infected cells in a person's body, then pass through cell membranes, and finally be able to recognize specific foreign DNA fragments from a rapidly mutating virus. In addition, the drug has to be protected from being broken down through normal metabolic processes.



Because putting content into DNA digitally is not that hard. Granted what this scientists did is impressive, but its impressive in its size not because it is new. Hell even a couple years ago a group of scientists made an E.coli cell genome using only a computer and free nucleotides (and obviously the machinery to synthesize the nucleotides in the right sequence) and input all their e-mails and phone numbers on it for kicks.

As for why we can't figure out AIDS, well to put it simply: its because its hard. Like really hard. Here you have something that makes the person's body completely helpless.

As for why we haven't conquered other massively killing diseases, we have. It wasn't easy and took a shit load of time, but we can say that apart for 2 vials (one in the US and one in Russia) smallpox has been completely eradicated.

Enjoy your tin foil hat though.



LOL, without violating certain terms of disclosure. First there are way more than 2 vials. Second there are more than just Russia and US. The biggest storage area (and my data is old) in the world for smallpox is in another country...... ahem: cough cough....Let's just say this nation has a penchant for wine, cheese, art, and cognac oddly enough. I'm sure you can connect the dots. The weird thing I don't understand is why they keep so much of it on hand in storage. What's the purpose? Weird...



The original video says "Zettabyte" NOT "Terabyte"...

As-in, the entire world's data consumption is currently 1.6 Zettabytes, as-in, 4.5 grams of DNA can store the current wealth of information of the entire planet.

1 Terabyte = 2^40th
1 Zettabyte = 2^70th

1 Zettabyte = 1,073,741,824 Terabytes!

Please correct this!

Dan O.



...so what does a cold virus do to all this info?....scramble it? LOL




So how long will it take the RIAA and MPAA to try to pass legislation that makes DNA polymerase illegal??



I would bet that somewhere out there buried in the ruins of Sumeria or something, that there is a record for us to find someday that has information using this very method, because this method of storing data is so straight forward and simple, one would thing it would be like a 'universal thumb drive' almost. I read that it can be viable for over 100,000 years.

Even James Bond never had a microchip he could hide on his thumbnail that had small data center's worth of data.



I look at it like the evolution of record keeping. The Egyptians invented papyrus to record their data, this is just a logical progression. SUPER COOL



If you want a start son or daughter in the future you can just buy them inject them with this DNA and instant Einstein bypass college and get the highest paying job out there.



You're injection will give them brain cancer lol


Jared G.

well if we could store our own data in bacteria and then send it into a person or test subject it would replicate and copy the data tremendously. then we could have an infinite amount of "RAM" theoretically by using a single bacteria as RAM and it replicating itself tons of times.



I guess God's way of storing data is the best way. ;-)



Would give a whole new meaning to Thumb Drives! What was that movie where the guy who plays Bill from Bill and Ted stores all the info in his head? If I remember it was really a small amount compared to terabytes of data now-a-days.

Edit: Johnny Mnemonic and he was able to hold 160G of data in his implant.



The singularity is coming...



One can hope



So Assassin's Creed was real then.



Interesting, this had me Googling isolinear chips earlier, but I see your point. The scientists do note however that storing stuff in living cells is a bit more complicated. Suppose it won't take long to solve that barrier though.



This would be done with synthetic chemistry. No living cells required. It would be pretty hard to stuff a gram of DNA in a cell nucleus.

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