HarperCollins' New "Video Books" Idea Seems Pretty Horrible



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I could see this selling if it were delivered by scantily clad atractive people. Otherwise this is just for students who are obviously not going to read the book and are too lazy to put in a couple hours watching the movie. You could probably pay another student $10 to wirte the paper for you.

If anything I would buy a kindle 2.0 and have it read the book to me. At least you get the entire edition that way. Being an avid reader of actual physical books I'm probably not in HaperCollin's target demographic so what do I know?



Like the guy below me said, this could be a good idea for students or learning books. Im not too sure about novels though.



So it's basically like video CliffsNotes?  Pass.  I don't really see what video brings to the table for something like that.


Keith E. Whisman

This is Stupid Like this:

Even if you win a race in the Special Olympics your still a Retard. 



If we could vote you up here, I'd do so for that comment. :)



Video books. An oxymoron if I ever saw one.



If I was a visual learner and the video had subtitles I could use the video service to do a book report or catch up on the works of an author. It's not like this is a service they're going to have to put a ton of money on.

And if there were some kind of way they could make the experience interactive - like being able to switch him from wearing a sombrero to wearing a mustache with a background of a 70's porno movie - maybe then it would hold more interest. For educational purporses, of course...

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