Hard Drive Vendors Pushing for Long Term Contracts with PC Makers



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Damn, the the HD manufacturers are the ones who screwed up here and then we pay? At this point, if I need to replace my hard drive, I'll seriously be considering an SSD. I'm thinking of maybe a 60GB one for the boot drive, and one of the older 500GB drives I have lying around for data storage (it's not that fast, but works just fine). Man, it really seems like the HD manufacturers know just how to loose customers to SSDs, so that they'll never return.



so let me get this straight... they screw up by putting all their eggs in one place... and we have to pay for that?  As far as i am concerned, they asked for it.  

God i hope i dont need a drive in the news 6mo.



On the one hand, I'm sympathetic to the HDD makers, since they have taken quite a hit and understandably do need some way to claw back some lost revenue.

On the other, consumers get screwed with shortened warranties, more expensive drives (and subsequently computers) and reduced quality as they may salvage parts or resort to cost cutting; their shortened warranties show they have not the faith in their drives.

So screw it, SSDs FTW. :p

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