Hard Drive Shortage Could Hurt Cloud Computing



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Until I can do all this:
play all my games without latency
my family is able to stream netflix on two devices
my brother can download anime
brother playing online games

ALL at the same time at once without lag, Cloud computing's hurt anyways :\



Well I was gonna buy a Trinity based laptop next year before I deploy to afgan....looks like thats not gonna happen now. This is gonna affect alot more than just cloud computing if they expect all supplies to be exhausted by the end of the 1st quarter.....


Let this be a lesson to all the companies.....dont keep EVERYTHING in ONE place....



I'm just curious as to who is even gonna buy a hard drive right now, other than business' that must buy them.

I've watched the HDD prices at my favorite online vendor, Newegg, skyrocket over the past 4 weeks.  In some cases, certain hard drives have increased in price as much as 400%.  The enterprise class HDDs have increased the most.  Samsung's F3R was as low as $49.99 after rebate a few months ago.  It's regular price was $69.99 for a long time.  Now it's $199.99.  3TB drives, in some cases are over $400 now.  I seen one that was $299 jumped to $499.

I'd really like to know, is Newegg even selling any hard drives at these prices?



You just have to look hard for deals on drives, I picked up a 2TB Samsung EcoDrive for data storage this weekend it was only $99 at Fry's, I checked on newegg and the same drive was going for 229.99, so there are still deals out there on drives, it just takes a little more leg work.  I just wish that I has more cash available, I would have bought like 6 of these, and then put them on ebay for $150.



Why would anybody use cloud computing? You just can't trust these services.


So this is just FUD!



crap! only cloud I use is steam... this crap better not mess with all my steam games :/



The one thing of which we will never have a shortage is good reasons to avoid cloud computing in the first place. We've read firsthand right here on MaxPC many potential pitfalls for cloud computing just in the past year. I really wonder just what it will take before people see the lurking dangers. As far as how to cut down on cloud storage requirements I could think of a few things we could eliminate. Like making these comments. :) And half the stuff on Youtube. And most of things like twitter. And taking down the thousands of outdated and no longer supported websites lying on all the servers of the world. Or, find a way to stop all spam email. ;)



I agree with the storage "house cleaning" concept.

I had a site I built, my first one, on my dial up ISP. It was just a bunch of cool sites and programs to check out. One was about MS's virtual world they had way back in the day.

Well long story short, had moved on to broadband and canceled my dial up account when four or five years later I get an e-mail to my hotmail account asking about MS's VW. I was astounded. and told the guy that it had been scrapped a long time ago, plus the site he'd found shouldn't even exsist because it was hosted by my old dial up ISP.

I really wonder after something like that how much data is duplicated or way out of date and could be safely erased. Bet there's tons that lazy IT couldn't be bothered to erase.



I think you may need to look up what cloud computing is; you don't seem to understand it.



totally agree, one of the things I'm not looking forward to is the way everything seems to be going with cloud storage/computing.



Massive power outages and high fuel costs (for generators) will hurt cloud computing too.

I'll stick to keeping my stuff on my person thank you. 



Screw cloud computing, it's gonna hurt me! Planning to build a new computer soon. 



ha ha ha, I was thinking the same as I was thingking about buying some hard drives to increase my storage space.


I really don't want to buy them now, but this has got me thinking.

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