Hard Drive Market to See Significant Relief in Q1 2012



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This is pretty great news! It would be even more exciting if Western Digital drives weren't so unreliable.



Working in an organization where we have over 5000 computers, I see every single failed drive we get.  90% of those are seagates.  The rest tend to be a mix of WD, Samsung, and others.  For my personal computers, after having all but 1 seagate drive I had purchased in the last 4 years die, I went to WD.  No more problems.  You may have had a run of bad luck there Joseph, or another component that was killing off your drives (low quality power supplies will do that).



I've had two out of three Seagate drives I've purchased over the last three years fail on me, but have yet to have a Western Digital fail.  Of course I decided after the Seagate failures to take the advice of a server guru friend of mine to only buy Western Digital Blacks.  Sure they cost a good bit more, but that price difference quickly dissapears when you constantly have to pay $20+ to ship in a Seagate drive for replacement.



I have to disagree with that...

I've never had a problem with a WD drive, and that's the only brand of HD that I've ever bought. (Except in 2001 when I made the mistake of buying a couple of IBM "DeathStar" drives that both went belly up after 6 months.)


Adam Wolfe

You're joking right? I've had 8 WD drives for 3+ years without any problems. Just because you get 1 bad drive, which is inevitable for all brands, doesn't mean they're all unreliable. If you've had more than 1 drive fail on you, maybe it's your fault (hot case, poor handling, etc).



... I may wait until they "bust the dust off" the rebuilt facility. Don't get me wrong: I have faith in their ability to make sure everything is as close to perfect as humanly possible but I do expect a few "bumps" in the road when the production quota ramps back up. Glad to see the resilance of the people that were affected by the tragedy get back to it. Good Health to all and the products they build.


Peanut Fox

I just hope quality doesn't take a dive.



The bad news?  2012 will still be the end of the world.



hmm- so holding off on purchasing that terabyte at the Bargain Price of 160 bucks was a good idea huh???



I bought the Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000 2TB for $160 at a small shop. Sure, I could have bought it later, but it was my first gaming computer and I can't just let it hang without an HDD. Better than nothing. :3

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