Hands-On with the Plantronics Voyager Pro



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Well you will look like a dork wearing one of these!



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I almost didn't buy my most recent phone because the (un-informed) saleswoman at the counter insisted the phone didn't work with a wired headset, only bluetooth. Turns out it does, you plug it into the same port labeled for the media player headphones if so equipped.Thanks


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To that point, I can say the Voyager Pro lives up to its name. I
simulated a windy environment with a fan our lab and my previous fave,
the Motorola H710, was useless in the wind, the Voyager Pro magically
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Enjoyed the review of the Plantronics Voyager Pro.  I use a bluetooth headset a majority of the time...After all, what good is a hands-free headset if you have to put it on when a call comes in? 

With me, a bluetooth headset is a necessity due to my heavy travel and voice quality is a priority.  As such, I have been one of those people constantly in search for the perfect bluetooth headset.  An old favorite was the Plantronics Voyager 510 - the predecessor to the Voyager Pro. It was dependable and had an almost cult following in its prime.  However, newer headsets offered noise cancellation that made the 510 obsolete. 

Still, none that I found ever really met the test...I got decent noise cancellation from the Jawbone II and Jabra BT-530, but neither did a very good job with Microsoft Voice Command.  Then, along came the Voyager Pro and it really works - great noise cancellation, sounds great on both ends, comfortable enough for hours of wear, works with MVC even with significant road noise.  This one is the real McCoy and the proof is in the pudding - just call your own voicemail and leave yourself a message while driving down the Interstate at 75 mph and other scenarios where you typically use your headset and you can hear what others are hearing when you call them using your bluetooth headset.  I consider this the true test of a bluetooth headset and the Voyager Pro passes with flying colors - the best results I've ever had.





 first, what moron decided an overly bright blinking blue light looked good coming out of everyone's ear?!!! Second, what moron's moron decided it should be turned on by default when you purchase the headset?!!!!


Between my wife and I We have had a total of 4 bluetooth headsets, all brand new out of the package. One we bought, the others were package deals or gifts. All 4 headsets combined have given us a total of a whopping 3 weeks of reliable use! Two didn't work right out of the package! The third got dropped on a wood floor from a standing position ONCE, and never worked again. The fourth lasted about 27 days then wouldn't hold a charge. They are all, as you say, uncomfortable, unbalanced and have junky quality.

I almost didn't buy my most recent phone because the (un-informed) saleswoman at the counter insisted the phone didn't work with a wired headset, only bluetooth. Turns out it does, you plug it into the same port labeled for the media player headphones if so equipped.


Anyway, I love hearing about the new reviews, but bluetooth... no way, never again. Too overpriced anyway.


"There's no time like the future."



I got so sick of crappy sound, unreliable connection Etc that I just went back to a good (Plantronics) wired headset. The bluetooth to my car audio works fine but that is because the car has a good B-T set up but I will never go back to a B-T headset again.



I have to have one, because I need to be able to answer my phone while driving and refuse to do it without a headset.  However, I hate the damn things and refuse to use it outside of my car.



The biggest problem with these bluetooth headsets is that you look like a schizophrenic.



I've been using my Motorrola H500 for a year and a half, and I have to say... I depend on my bluetooth.  Sure, my little H500 is horridly unstylish given the modern designs of some units, but it has been faithful and has done a very good job.  However.. it IS coming up to two years very soon, and I've been looking at newer units.  I just... I can't get over the design of the Plantronics unit here.  It just looks as if it would be unnecessarily large on the back of my ear, and I'm really picky about how it sits back there.  The old Motorola is the most comfortable thing I've ever owned--half the time I don't even realize it's there.

But this Plantronics one... I just can't go for something that would leave one of my ears hanging out like I was some retarded version of Dumbo.



Seriously? Ever single person I have ever talked to in my life absolutely detests headsets like those, and I myself am irritated to no end by them and would rather be sodomized by a donkey than use one.



I am tempted to get one and demo it (return if not satisfied). One thing i would enjoy, is having a headset for my pc, that when i play games, i have one piece in my ear, and speakers still work (like a standalone mic, but more compact since i'm a laptop gamer, yes it's convenient, and no i'm not throttled horribly), and when done, chuck in my backpack, and my notebook supports bluetooth, so I could use that thing for skype as well (netbook anyone? same as an iPhone, with more function). Really, I could find 3 uses right there for one, so if it's useful, I'd go for it. Size doesn't matter, it's a headset, nothing more, but for good quality, you need to get something a little bigger, so the speakers have a magnet big enough to pump sound out at a reasonable volume. 

I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.

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