Hands-on with Microsoft's SideWinder X8 Mouse (w/ BlueTrack)



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vivek paliwal

When a new piece of technology is due to come out immanently, it creates a great sense of excitement and anticipation. At the moment, that focus is on Apple, due to the pending release of the new iphone 5 .



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What about the USB receiver that connects to your PC?  How big is it?  Please tell me it's not built into that huge, charging-station frisbee.



Not to change the topic but does anyone know what make and model that keyboard is aswell? it looks cool!



I do believe I'll hold out & buy this mouse when its available. I love the appearance & features. MS is starting to really come up with good technology as of late.




It's nice to see they went with a Standard AA, So it's easly swapped out at a LAN, if the NiMH gives out before you do :)

I'm a fan of the bigger mice so yeepy for it's size! They really need to switch out the Red LEDs for blue, or make them changeable (through software) oh well, it's an easy mod :)




A VERY cool looking mouse. I can't wait to get my hands on one!

However, note the profile of all the Sidewinder mice. They are made for gamers that keep their palms on the mice when they play. Some prefer to use their fingertips for in-game control. These would not be for them.




oooOoooOOooonice!!  I don't think I've ever actually had mouse lust before, but I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far.  This is the first mouse that's actually made me consider trading in my beloved Logitech G7, and it looks like M$ has come up with a much more elegant solution for the rechargable battery...it's non-proprietary, and the charging cord is, well...beautiful. 

(and before anybody tries to tell me "you can't seriously game with a cordless mouse!", I've got a bunch of headshots made on the run that say different) 

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