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I use a G15 keyboard and have been using a Nostromo N52 for quite some time to play WOW. I have an ingame bar mod so that I can configure my action bars to match the N52 layout. However, I really needed more keys for all my spells. So when I saw the G13 I knew I had to try it. I've had it for a week. It is very comfortable. Although the downside of having more keys is relearning the layout. And my hand placement is not quite as intuative as it was with the N52, but it is getting eaiser. Setting it up is a breeze. Much eaiser than with the N52. The minijoy stick works well. Overall I'm pleased and look forward to getting past the "hand memory" curve.



You are right this would be excellent for World of Warcraft.  Using this + bindable buttons on the mouse gives you almost instant access to all your most used abilities.  No longer will i have to rely on clicking things when i run out of easy to access buttons.  Set it on the left side of my keyboard and use this + my g5 mouse and raiding/pvp will be much more strealined.



 I like it, but am not a hard core enough gamer to warrant me spending that money on it when I could upgrade some other part of my aging machine.

What it is missing however are the oled keys or the option to place some sort of inserts, so one could custom label the keys. Then I'd use it for video editing.


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This would work awesome with my XIM360 on my xbox.  The Saitek CCU is a pretty good unit, but this looks like it could even top that!  Nice...



i push my keyboard to the far left of my desk and use my num pad.
17 buttons plus it's close to the PGUP / PGDN aux keys.


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 I use the arrow keys for movement. This leaves a nice space around them so I dont accidently throw a weapon in the heat of battle dodging lasers and rocks.  This gives me all the keyes around the arrows a comfortable position for all those other tasks.

 The Zboard seems a better choice for FPS with arrows keys in a good position, surrounded by plenty of buttons.


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I've been using a Belkin Nostromo n52, now n52te, for years. Once I got past the learning curve, I can't go back to a regular keyboard for FPS games. I don't use it for anything but those. The placement of the thumb button, D-pad, and thumb button are perfectly suited for reloading, weapon selection, and jump. Looking at the G13 I'm not sure its thumb buttons can match. Other than the ability to change lighting colors, I don't see a reason to switch. There's an article for ya MPC - another gaming peripheral comparison.



Maybe if I was a professional or mutant with 3 hands, or even possibly not a recovering addict of WOW.  (thats right 16 months sober thanks to WOWA3 step program).  Then this might make sense.

Instead I will settle for a g15 keyboard that hopefully santa claus will bring




Ok, so I might be going a little overboard here (pun intended); I already own and use a G15 keyboard, which I love.  However, the are a couple of programs Logitech has running in the background to make sure the macros work correctly, and the resource monitor, etc gets the info it needs.  Do you Max PC gurus (or anyone elso out there) know I can use the G 13 Gamepad AND the G15 Keyboard on the same system at the same time?  This would be a blessing for all those Warhammer online macros.



Yeah it can, the gamepanel or profiler software makes it really easy to set up the individual game hardware bits. I imagine there'd be the G9 in the menu as well if I had one. But yes, the G13 and the G15 (at least, Revision 2)

 I'd probably not merit the purchase if I didn't get them both cheap, just get one. Having the two screens is more useless than just the one :-P. I use the G15's screen for msn when I'm in-game, and the G13's one for ventrillo.

 I haven't explored this yet, but I kinda want to know if I can use the joystick AS a joystick, and then set it up to work as a rotation in autodesk-maya....



ok, usually my left hand is on WASD and my right on the mouse, how am I supposed to use that thing?



ummm ya compltely useless. and for $80???? GTFO



Unless your only playing games all the time and for a profession, then this stuff is useless. More wasted space on a desktop, and everything else that comes with it.

 I don't care about writing more, because there is really nothing to write about this. 

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