Hammer Falls on 43 Warhammer Online Servers



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they need to re-release DAOC beefed up or not, was the best pvp experience....these wow fanboi's dont understand how much better daoc pvp is.

 kind of like l4d....theres the people who think there good because they "work together", then theres the people who are hardcore pvp/agressive...depends on your flavor of gameplay.  some people just cant defend themselves, and it brings down the quality of pvp for the rest of us.



DAoC was a good game, the difference is that Mythic are now EA and subject to their will. EA have been known to close their only other two mmorpg's for lack of performance.

People think or want to think that WAR is the same as DAoC. Some kind of evolution. It is not. WAR has the worst class balance out there. The game actually promotes the ZERG more than other because as you said there are too many people out there who can't defend. Whether that is player skill or just crap classes.... either way it is not good. Failhammer maybe.



it was 300,000 last time they announced it, and I'm willing to bet it's closer to 200,000 now.

Face it. WAR is dying faster than AoC did, which is a huge accomplishment. These moronic companies need to finish developing their games and stop releasing broken garbage.



umm incase you didn't notice... we are talking about 300k(that's 300000) subscribers(not players). so War have at least a constant 4.5million dollar rolling in every month. you take that 4.5million and decrease the cost to run servers and updates, you are still left with a quite large amount of money.

second, not every MMO have large player base like WoW, 300k subscribers is most likely larger than most MMO out there.

and like every thing out there, as soon as the "newness" wears off, it bonds to take hit in sale. the large drop in players should be expected.



Meh WoW.  Meh WAR.  Its all the same.  I still play WAR.  Is it as fun as it was at release?  Not by a long shot.  Do I like the keep takes, ORvR, and scenarios (when they pop) you bet.  I have friends that play WoW.  They are on me all the time to come play WoW.  I tell them, pass, I dont like raiding forever to get one stupid thing, however running the city dungeons is begining to get old. Ive asked them why they wont play WAR and it breaks down to they dont want to PvP and dont want to compete against other people.  Sissys...

Its all what you want.  WAR has a better PvP game.  WoW has a better PvE game.   WAR needs a little polish.  Server merges are good thing IMO.  I play for PvP.  WAR will never equal DAOC in terms of pure PvP, but it is a fun game.

Pure numbers are not a good indicator of how good a game is.  Alot of people will not leave WoW just because they have to start over.  WoWcrack ftl...



Warhammer fanboi's harshing WoW because they got smeared on the ground by a high level and their peepee got hurt. People pay for what they like to play. And ya know what? Sure, there might be an assload of little 12 year old foul mouthed kids on WoW, but guess what, I just kill them and go on my merry way to raid Naxx, or all the other fun high end content.

 And as someone else said, there are several people who play both. Personally I don't play Warhammer because the series just never appealed to me.



I am really getting sick of Blogs posting these sorts of stories that end up in flame wars just for the sake of increasing traffic and the number of comments posted on an article.

 Okay, let me spell some things out for you guys. On day 1 of WAR, Mythic would launch servers as necessary but they were a bit anxious and threw about an extra 10 servers that were needed and it resulted in some population issues. These are growing pains with any MMO. Since Mythic wants to make sure that queue times for scenarios and wants to ensure more consistent RvR, they have added a few server transfers from some low population servers to new ones. I personally have moved my server twice already and while it can potentially suck in some games-- Mythic has done a damn fine job. I just had to log into the acccounts page, pick the server and in literally 30 seconds I could log in and start enjoying more action.

 WAR is a game that does best with more people on a server. This is why they are taking these actions.

 And Nobody gives a crap about WoW, I swear, if I see people bring it up I am going to bite them so hard! 



I couldn't have anything to do with losing over half of the initial player base (which is still declining).



The fact of the matter is that people have been doom saying on WAR since the very begining...

 "What? Warhammer is changing developers? Doomed."

 "What? Mythic was bought out by EA? Doomed."

 "What? Mythic delayed the game? Doomed."

 "What? Mythic cut 4 classes in a game that now only has 20? Doomed."

 "What? Mythic only has 300,000 subscribers? Doomed."

 If anyone has actually played the game and has moved servers, its a rather great feeling to hop onto a new server with the rest of your guild and head out from 2 in the after noon and kill players and take keeps and ransack fortresses until well past 2 in the morning. But nope. Everyone continue to worship Blizzard. Yeah, Warhammer? Yeah its a dumb game. Not cool like WoW- Because population numbers judge how good a game is and is the only way to judge a game.



Surely you can see that numbers are a huge part of it.  People are voting on which games they like better by spending their dollars on those games.  While YOU may not like WoW, it appears that millions of people do like it.  While YOU may like Warhammer, the large number of players leaving (not paying to play anymore) indicate that not as many people like Warhammer as they do WoW.

 Warhammer is a niche game at best.  And, if not careful, that niche may be too small for it to hold its own weight.



Again, Numbers are not a perfect measuring tool. Warcraft has become a name that just about everyone hs heard of and just about knows someone who plays or at least used to, if not themselves. Warhammer is still quite fairly young and has some traction to pick up. Warcraft appeals to all ages where as WAR does not and tries not to because it is NOT for every 12 year old out there. Besides which, many numbers are decieving. Think about how many people play both WAR and WoW? Or that how many new people have joined WAR since Mythic has announced free trials? Nobody has those types of numbers.



Oh dear, D.E. bitter till the end because it is nigh.

So Mythic announced 43 MORE servers to go. That would leave them with about 15-17 NA servers (not counting EU), I believe. So, if we apply what is a reasonable number for each of the remaining servers after this 2nd Round of Server Closings you get:

17 servers @ 10,000 a server= 170k subscriptions. That would suggest in the coming weeks, only 170k max on all NA servers, or something close to that.

Now that is bad financially, but in terms of playability for those remaining to play, it helps them as there is much less dead space. And there was a lot of space and no one home...

The real problem facing Mythic right now, is just how many six month subs or 3 month subs will NOT be returning, because that was not figured into the 170k above. I gave it based on what we look at today. So there is the possibility that it could go well under 170k for the first quarter of this year. If they have 170k now, would give second place in MMO land easily to EVE Online.

saw this post on F13  http://forums.f13.net/index.php?topic=16216.0

"Decided to put this in a post to track what's happening with the server merges "free character transfers".

US Servers - Alive
Badlands, Dark Crag, Darklands, Gorfang, Iron Rock, Ironclaw, Ironfist, Magnus, Monolith, Ostermark, Phoenix Throne, Praag, Skull Throne, Volkmar, Vortex

US Servers - Dead or Dying (date transfers off announced, included)
Anlec - 11/25/2008
Avelorn - 11/25/2008
Averheim - 11/25/2008
Azazel - 02/19/2009
Bechafen - 11/25/2008
Be'lakor - 10/31/2008
Bretonnia - 11/25/2008
Chaos Wastes - 11/25/2008
Drakwald - 11/05/2008
Drifting Castle - 11/05/2008
Eerie Downs - 11/03/2008
Grimnir - 10/31/2008
Heldenhammer - 10/31/2008
Hochland - 01/05/2009
Kislev - 10/31/2008
Kragg - 10/31/2008
Lucan - 11/01/2008
Lustria - 11/01/2008
Marienburg - 10/31/2008
Marius - 11/01/2008
Middenheim - 10/31/2008
Mordheim - 10/31/2008
Rakarth - 10/31/2008
Red Eye Mountain - 02/19/2009
Reikland - 10/31/2008
Saphery - 10/31/2008
Sea of Claws - 10/31/2008
Sea of Malice - 10/31/2008
Skavenblight - 10/31/2008
Sylvania - 02/19/2009
Thorgrim - 10/31/2008
Tor Achere - 10/31/2008
Tor Elyr - 10/31/2008
Tower of Doom - 10/31/2008
Ulthuan - 11/05/2008
Ungrim - 02/19/2009
Wasteland - 11/05/2008
White Tower - 10/31/2008
Wolfenburg - 11/25/2008
Wurtbad - 11/03/2008

EU Servers English Language - Alive
Burlok, Dragonback Mountains, Eltharion, Karak Eight Peaks, Karak-Azgal, Karak-Hirn, Karak-Izor, Karak-Norn

EU English Language Servers - Dead or Dying (date transfers off announced, included)
Alarielle - 22/12/2008
Axe Bite Pass - 12/16/2008
Clar Karond - 11/24/2008
Ellyrion - 11/24/2008
Finuval Plain - 11/24/2008
Karag Dron - 12/16/2008
Karag Orrud - 12/16/2008
Karak Ungor - 11/24/2008
Karak-Vlag - 11/24/2008
Karaz-a-Karak - 11/24/2008
Makaisson - 11/24/2008
Mount Silverspear - 11/24/2008
Sea of Dreams - 11/24/2008
Tiranoc - 11/24/2008
Tor Anroc - 11/24/2008
Worlds Edge Mountains - 11/24/2008
Yvresse - 11/24/2008
Zhufbar - 11/24/2008

Total servers alive 15 US + 8 EU English Language = 23 alive

Total servers dead or dying 40 US + 18 EU English Language = 58 dead/dying

Note, counting Oceanic servers as part of the US for ease of tracking, not including Russia or non English language EU servers.


thats pretty drastic and i thought things were getting better. on the face of it don't look good at all. suppose it helps the little population left though on those servers. oh well going to wait it out a while.

Coughing it's last breath? less servers than AoC now that have people on them.

About the age comment, bring up the demographic statistics for visiters to warhammer websites, most are 15 and under which the market caters / gears up for. It is probably that age that most people got into the lore and then just grew old, thing is the game is nothing like the lore and sadly is ruined.

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