Halo: Reach Rakes in $200 Million on First Day of Sales



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 So that means that the entire Halo series has made what World of Warcraft earns in a month...



on xbox? those figures are based on retail sales not including resales which are never counted. again WoW can be played on xbox?

I'm trying to pointout something here. this is a console game that made $200 million in 1 day!



Good point and perspective. WoW is a money-making machine. Still, kudos to Bungie. The Halos are high-quality games. I don't even play games anymore and I am still looking forward to what Bungie does now that they will be making non-Halo games.



No, they are not that great, and neither is WoW. These games ARE NOT the most succesful because they are the best. They just have the best name recognition.



then your point is taken with very little seriousness. Halo and WoW are recognized because of how great a game they are. I guess different strokes for different folks. you can't have myst players getting into halo or Wow and vice versa.



Just about every reviewer and well everyone I've talked says that they are great games. Brand recognition comes from making great titles people don't just declare a brand recognized one day.



I haven't played this yet, because I am such a PC gaming freak and I can't stand the controller, but I know that my brother hasn't stopped playing the damn thing since I bought it for him for his birthday.  I'm lucky to be in college and have a more minimalistic schedule because I can only get internet when he's at school and I'm finished with classes for the day.

It looks amazing graphically, narrative-wise,and of course gameplay-wise, I'll admit, but I'll never quite be able to respect the series as much as I probably should simply because Microsoft refuses to release Halo 3/ODST/Reach on the PC.  I would buy every single one if they made decent ports, but nooooo.  Gotta keep it exclusive to the Xbox.  Money money money.

Oh well.  I still have immense respect for Bungie because they have done such an amazing job on the entire franchise; I've always had a wonderfully immersive experience with the Halo universe because of the high quality and polish of the games, most especially the music.  The exclusivity is my only gripe, and I don't blame Bungie for that, I blame Microsoft.

/end rant



Halo and halo 2 has been out on pc for awhile and i think on the mac as well. It's a microsoft game so naturally microsoft will eventually port it over to a microsoft os but that would be competing with itself and that's just bad business. They poured tons of money on their game console as well as buying good companies such as Bungie. It would be stupid for them not to eventually cash in on the pc market. Imagine those graphics with all the effects turned on high along with physx features?

Kudos to you for getting your brother the game!



Agreed. Xbox exclusive bummer aside it's great to see any game do so well in this economy. It helps out the entire industry in one way or another and is good for all of us.



But, if you have the 4gb Xbox360 with NO hard drive, you're SOL in regards to playing online multiplayer.

Apparently, you MUST have an XBox360 certified hard drive to play yet nowhere on the package does it tell you this.


Nice move, Bungie and MS!




if microsoft will fix this bug by offering a trade up (with proof of purchase of the halo game). Or will Bungie do the easyest thing and offer an update fix? People, you got to speak up! enough people who has this issue should demand a fix!

I bet if Apple did this no one would complain!



I had my copy delivered to me on 9/14/2010 and am very pleased with the product.

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